DDOS? no login

wtf is up with this login mess right now


auth servers broken.

Intern accidently shutdown a server


DDOS never happens.

Queue to login to Battle.net is 64 minutes.

Yup, looks like a DDOS attack.


I think it could have been a DDOS attack


Seriously can I be more cliché and start a post on the forums with WOW ! just really though wow. Playing for a couple hours get dropped and now a Que to get into a Que…

G R E A T B L I Z Z !!!

Looks like the Jailer ate the servers again. :open_mouth:

It’s also Diablo 2 R. Doh!

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I think it was all the classic crybabies whining because retail got a sweet frost drake and all they got was a dumb kite.

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Oh, that is what is going on. I needed to make some mats before morning and was getting quite annoyed.

Thanks for the update.

hamster broke its leg.

The Jailer did it.

Why must I wake up to not be able to play WoW?


Blizzard, it’s 2022 and you guys still can’t protect your servers from a DDOS attack. Why?

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Ill sum it up for you.

“Blizzard: We continue to actively monitor an ongoing DDOS attack which is affecting latency/connections to our games.” - via Twitter.

Logic: You may want to find something else to do for the next hour or so. Maybe clean the house or catch up on some of your shows via your favorite streaming service. Heck even take your dog for a walk.



Wow it is so simple, wtf blizz.

Hey btw, can you name 3 methods of attack? I’m curious if you think maybe this is L7 or something different?!

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Why would I do something different when I can try logging in every 30 seconds while trying not to implode mentally

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who the hell ddos in the middle of the night


I am not a networking expert (I studied Bachelor of Law) but maybe Blizz should get better ISPs to host their servers

Why must I quit for the night because wow disconnects me consistently at certain places in the game and they won’t fix that? I was still playing fine until the game disconnected me.