Dazar'alor Flashback Race/Racials


What are your thoughts on the flashback race changes that are coming to Dazar’alor on the appropriate boss fights for your faction?

Personally, I think playing as the opposite faction to further engage the player into WoW’s Lore progression is a great idea, and step in the right direction for the game. I also believe it is a bad idea, in that the process of changing racial abilities will cause numerous bugs among players engaging in the opposite factions story line. As well as this, I’d rather not play Undead simply because their racial abilities are awful for Raiding and PvE in general.

Also, why can’t the Horde be Worgen at all during the flashback?


Probably because worgens have two forms and they don’t know how to transition that. Worgens are pretty much humans that can shapeshift into werewolves and we don’t quite have a Horde equivalent to that. So I guess it’s just simpler to use humans?

In any case, I can’t say I’m looking forward to possibly having to stare at the male night elf’s weird anatomy (Blizz, please revamp the model to have a less awkward torso and torso-to-leg ratio) and I’m definitely not looking forward to killing Rastakhan (I don’t want to do this part of the raid for that reason, but I probably will inevitably do it for one reason or another).

I am also concerned about the possibility that switching racials may end up borking setups and such. Guess we’ll find out when it drops.