Day 4 Demonology is still overnerfed

(Hrødric) #5

BM hunters would like a word…
Have you been nerfed for 3 weeks in a row? No? Alright. You should be good.

(Tragik) #6

Reread my post. Bm is mobile and super easy to maximize.

(Hrødric) #7

I am sorry, I refuse to say the obvious after your reply. I will NOT fight with someone clearly in pain.
But NO.

Edit.: may azeroth and the earth mother have mercy of your soul for your statement.

(Bojanglz) #8

It is always amusing seeing a lock complain about nerfs while they always have at least 1 spec in the tops. Just switch to Affliction as they are in the tops (for raiding anyways). Meanwhile, mage says hi sitting with 1 spec in the middle of the pack and the other 2 bottom 3.

(Tragik) #9

Maybe on single target Sims. But aff is a niche spec in raids. Destro is stronger in BoD in reality.
Also locks have no decent m+ spec now.

(Pyrogar) #10

They literally nerfed one trait. You still have umbral blaze and shadow bite, Demo still have some great azerite traits.

(Tragik) #11

No the spec was propped up by two bugs and a trait. The bug fixes we’re big-time nerfs. Trait nerf was unneeded and it’s still our best trait.

(Spiçy) #12

By always 1 you mean Aff lock right? Since they’ve been the top lock spec for like 4 straight years now. Maybe not everyone wants to play aff lock. Maybe the other specs deserve a time to shine for a change

(Tragik) #13

Aff isn’t top in BoD and is useless in any m+ key.

(Spiçy) #14

1st I’m on your side trying to defend that other warlock specs deserve to shine

2nd in both mythic and heroic at the 75% parse aff locks are the top lock spec

(Tragik) #15

Destro is miles ahead of aff other than on Mekkatorque.

(Spiçy) #16

In mythic aff leads parses on CoL, Grong, Rhast, Mekk and stormwall

A few others they’re almost dead even

Probably why aff is parsing overall better. So “miles ahead” is highly inaccurate


Oh no… the 2nd best spec in the raid that has two other specs in the top 4 specs in the raid… whatever shall you do with your bugged trait getting fixed?


trait wasnt bugged, the spec itself was due to felguard energy regen which Blizz claimed they fixed in 8.1 but didnt

(Caelin) #19

It has been four days, they will need to collect data to see the trend and determine if the DPS is lower than intended. Then some time to decide the best way to adjust it back up, test and deploy it. There are specs that go half an expansion waiting for their day in the sun.


post is about demo

(Eret) #21

Logs wont lie. Blizzard usually doesnt unnerf a spec right away.

Since WoD demo has been in odd spot. One day blizzard will make it a tank spec or somthing that feels like it brings somthing to the table.

(Tragik) #22

Honestly, all these stats are showing me is that if Demo was that far out of line 8.1.5, what the hell are shadow priests right now?

(Medaax) #23

Demo waited 3 years to not be a meme and then got blown straight to the bottom after a month just so we are clear here.

(Medaax) #24