Day 21: After 21 in-game reports, 5 tickets, and an email sent to hacks@blizzard, still teleporting hackers

I can’t believe the state WoW classic is in. What the f is going on with this game now ? DMT hackers, Lotus teleporters, Fly hackers, rampant bots … what a great multi-dollar company … smfh.



Gotta give the small indie company a break, they’ll come around eventually.

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AFK in a AV and you get a week vacation

Literally teleport around the like a GM, farm up and cripple an economy and get no repercussions


Im guessing they are too busy frantically trying to plug holes in shadowlands to care about classic.

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It’s hilarious. They banned a guildie of mine for his fishing bot, but all the fly hackers and teleporters with tons of reports roam free. What an embarrassment of a company

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In before the Blizzard Defender Clown Squad is gonna question the legitimacy of these teleporting hackers.


Unsub, until you all start having the balls to make a true statement and not only a forum post, nothing will happen.

“WhAt We SeE oN our ScReEn” face ask

Easy fix. We just need to create bots that are programmed to seek out other bots and kill them over and over.


Even if they find a permanent fix to all the botting, the damage is mostly done to the economy.

What are you saying? That Blizzard isn’t perfect? That Blizzard can’t stop every cheater? That there are too many cheaters in Classic – way more than a reasonable player puts up with?

I agree. Especially since this isn’t Blizzard’s main game, and I assume that most of Blizzard’s resources are NOT on Classic.

This post shows me a huge difference between OP’s expectations and Blizzard’s actions (in Classic). But I don’t know the details about any of these hacks and exploits, or what is real and what just “looks like” something real.

I’d love to see someone post “how to” videos about these hacks. If botters can do them, players can do them too, right? After all, bots are just automated fake players. I’ve seen videos about how to level a frost mage (solo in Zul’Farrak) about 50 times faster than normal. If that isn’t an exploit, I don’t know what is.

But I have no information, so I can’t defend Blizzard. What’s the point of having a high horse, when you can’t get up on it? :pleading_face: