Dath/Aman/Khaz - Anarchy inc- 9/9H 2/9M - recruiting

AOTC and social guild founded in 2010.

Raiding Thu/Sun 7.45-9.45pm Server time.

Are you looking for an online home and people to connect and have fun with? A guild that is not too big so you are not just a number but get to know players but also not too small, there always peeps online. Many like to hang in discord for the company and chat.

We got bored and started M raid (although we are not a mythic raiding guild). We also enjoy keys, achievements and mount hunting. We like to be social and hang in discord for a chat.

For fated we are looking for more healers and dps to fill our 2/4/12 team (missing warrior, rogue and shammy but all welcome). We are looking for players who are happy to be part of a team and focused to achieve AOTC. However, you don’t have to be a raider to join us as we are also a social guild. Interested? Contact me via battle net Zwirbel#1679 or discord _zwirbel

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