Dark Toned RP

Dark toned RP

Is there any?

Anti-Hero to villainous

[Taurahe] Hello brother. Tauren usually keep clear of such dealings, but if dark tales and nefarious dealings are your taste then I would suggest finding the Forsaken in Azeroth. While I have many close friends and colleagues from Lordaeron, I do not pretend to truly know the desires in their hearts.

There are many whisperings on the wind concerning activities in the City of the Forsaken that make my heart feel cold. The Order of Forsaken ((Skullcap(GM) or Vorghana)) have been my main contact point.

If dark diplomacy is more your interest, then it is Zuun’ma Sharptusk ((Sharptusk of Brotherhood of Blades)) you are seeking. Her tribe is one made up of diplomats who’s statecraft include a sharp blade when needed (all-rogue guild).

There is also a rowdy band of pirates operating out of Ratchet called Landlubbers ((See Yda or Thraxz)). While not nearly in the shadows as the others I have mentioned, there are many among them who secrets and past can be quite dark and troubled. Whispered voices in dark back alleys of the Drag often carry the names of these pirates.


The Grave Shaman gives a nod at your greetings. The fact that you called him brother coaxing forth a hint of a smile, and that smile broadens into a bit of a toothy grin as you distance yourself from he and his brotherhood.

You are not unknown to me Chieftan.

And the nod which he offers is that of an equal to another.

Though you may seek to maintain your distance, should you ever find yourself in need of assistance…Perhaps an act in which your hand itself cannot be stained with, then know that we will at the very least be willing to entertain your proposition.

The other names which are noted he does take down. He will have to find a way to reach out to them,

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Wer da Orc clans be at

(Craktoof looks at his dark toned Axe covered in blood)


There is an Orc Clan that has just started: See Rommash of Hellscream’s Ragers

The Clan is just starting up. Rommash also plays a character in our Thunderhoof Tribe, and has been here since the beginning. He created one of our most endearing characters, and is a patient and helpful soul. He will be a great GM.

Their ways are very different than ours.

There were not any thought my friends in The Iron Circle are unaware I have. And an amount of distance even among one’s own people is healthy.

I have spoken with several of your Tribe, and I find you an honorable crew. I look forward to learning more.

Craktoof, The Ruinous Powers are also an option for you to consider. We are a proud band of warriors who hold dedication to each other.

Swords for Hire, Guides, Bandits, Assassins, Dark Mysticism…

Seek us out.

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Rommash is honoured by Chieftain Aovi from the Thunderhoof Tribe words.

Rommash is also honoured by any orc brother or sister whom wishes to join the Ragers.