Dark Portal to Outlands not working

Still an issue as of today (2/1/21).

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march 7, 2021… still not working. I dont go through it and out the other side, i just run into it like a wall from either side, whether flying or walking. something is seriously wrong. just trying to level low battle pets that get one shot by level 25s lol why you gotta make it so hard blizzard? #smallindiecompany


May 1st, annual bump I guess. Can this be fixed, please?
Tried to relog, zone out, walk, fly, all that good stuff.


The portal works from Blasted Lands to Outland (when Zidormi is in the proper phase)
The portal does NOT work from Outland to Blasted Lands.


Portal still does not work in Hellfire Peninsula. Cannot return to the Blasted Lands.

This has been bugged and a blue acknowledged it two years ago–still not fixed.

Small indie dev company.


maybe because they don’t see it as a dire issue that needed to be addressed ASAP, because there’s portals in Stormwind/Orgrimmar that take you to Shattrath, plus a portal to Hellfire Peninsula in at least two cities that can take you directly where you need to or desire to go? :confused:

Where are these portals to Hellfire Peninsula of which you speak?

Pathfinder’s Den in Org: nooope, never has been that I know of.

downstairs room of Pathfinder’s Den: noooope, never has been that I know of.

Cleft of Shadows in Org: used to be, but that hasn’t been there in a few years.

Maybe Ally side has these convenient portals to Hellfire Peninsula? Even if so, this comment completely misses the point: it used to be convenient to go from Blasted Lands to Hellfire Peninsula. Many, many players used to enjoy this convenience and would like to have it back again. If you are already in Blasted Lands and want to go to Hellfire Peninsula, having to go all the way back to Stormwind to take that hypothetical portal wouldn’t really be so convenient after all, now would it.