Dark Portal to Outlands not working

bumping this because it is still an issue, somehow.

lmao at the people thinking this will be fixed when a large majority of Cataclysm quests are still bugged almost 10 years later.

I really want this to get fixed but I highly doubt it at this point

didn’t someone say at one point that the devs said the portal would not work due to the iron horde invadeing even if ya changed the hands of time back to the burning crusadade version of the portal? or was i wrong?

RIP Dark Portal 2019-Present.

Just happened to find this because it is not working for my main character either, works just fine for my alt who I level’d up recently and went to Outlands with but again, not my main.

I tried with my alt today and im having the same issue. Shame Blizz.

That works, of course. But one major issue is a quest in HFP that sends you to Nethergarde Keep in Blasted Lands to buy some beer and bring it back to the questgiver. This originally entailed going through the Dark Portal and back again, easy-peasy. Now you have to take a portal to Stormwind, fly all the way down to Blasted Lands, buy the beer, then fly back to SW and take the portal there back to Outland, which is a time-wasting PITA.

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09/13/2020 and this still isn’t fixed.

I go to Blasted Lands to farm Rugged Leather. The mobs also drop imperfect draenethyst fragment which starts a repeatable quest that rewards greens which can be good transmogs. So I go to Blasted Lands a lot, and the quickest way for me to get there is to port from Org to Shat, fly to Hellfire Peninsula, and go through the Dark Portal. This is also how I get to points north, such as Blackrock Mountain.

There are other ways for Horde to get to the lower Eastern Kingdoms (zeppelin to Stranglethorn, portal to Twilight Highlands) but I find the Dark Portal very convenient.

Going from Hellfire Peninsula through the Dark Portal to Blasted Lands is working fine for me (thankfully, since I use it regularly). Going from Blasted Lands to Hellfire Peninsula, the Dark Portal doesn’t work for me, like so many others have reported.

If I’ve had Zidormi put me in the present time, the Dark Portal takes me to Warspear. If Zidormi puts me in the past, the Dark Portal isn’t a portal.

The dark portal is also not working for me. I have done all of the required things, such as re-logging, flying through, walking through, sling-shotting myself through it by dismounting before getting to it, and I have even sat in front of it waiting to see if maybe it would apologize for what it is doing or a dark portal attendant would come out and say everything is finally prepared for me on the other side. I did not get the satisfaction that I wanted out of any of these endeavors.

In the time since the very first post in this thread I have been through a divorce, went to trial and gained custody of my son, and was diagnosed with and had three surgeries to remove bladder cancer. While during this same time frame Blizzard could not integrate one minor coding fix to make a portal, that has been there for the past 13 and 3/4th’s years, work again?


Is not just you, was searching the same…

still broken btw please fix this

Broken on my level 60. What a pain in the *** having to run from Shatt to Hellfire.
Broken game is broken

Shadowlands pre patch, lvl 50 char, still not working!

Still bugged. Such a simple fix. Priorities…

Still not working, 11/30/20

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Still a bug. 12/18/20.

So we can’t get a response to lag where we can’t play the game…?

Still bugged and it worked for my hunter before this expack dropped. IDK what is wrong but it is annoying to need to travel to a boat then fly 3 zones over to to a weekly Kara mog run

Still not working

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