Dark Portal to Outlands not working

Still not working 5/9/2020.

5/17/2020, still not working.

Still not working on 6/14/2020.

Should be working now! I didnt have the same thing happen

Not working, tried flying and walking through and couldn’t port into Outland. Very annoying flying from Shattrath during midsummer festival to do the daily quest ‘Striking Back’.

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broken over a year. boy you can see actiblizzards priorities is get you to grind dumb stuff and forget about this.

Yeah, can you guys fix this - so annoying that this portal is broken during midsummer festival (we need it to get to the Striking Back daily thats just on the other side of this broken portal)

Still not working. PLEASE fix this!!

Have you talked to Zidomi at the border with The Swamp of Sorrows to reset the zone to pre-wod?
When she resets the zone, the portal changes from a portal to Draenor to a portal to Outland.

Still a problem 6/30/2020…doesn’t seem like that hard of a thing to fix… >.>

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Except nothing is broken.
The portal to Hellfire from Blasted lands is working as designed.

You talk to Zidomi to change the timeline of the zone which affects what portal you use to either Hellfire or Draenor. Been like that since WoD was released.

Blizzard uses the same mechanism to have Zidomi reset the timelines in Darkshore and Theramore to change what the zone has to offer in terms of content.

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For me, this portal does not work. You simply move right through it into the side of the mountain behind. I was trying to do the daily quest “Striking back” for Midsummer World Event, but the only way I have to get to Outland now is the portal to Shattrath from the wizard’s tower.

The Honor Hold mage helpfully sends me to the Dark Portal, but as I said, I can’t use it. Would be nice if the mage would, you know, maybe send me to the other side or something? Or even into Honor Hold.

Edit: I’ve never tried to use the Dark Portal to return, since there’s a reliable portal to Stormwind right there, but I just tried it and it works. Though why would you want to do that except to test like I just did?

Another edit: Returning from Outland ‘sort of’ worked. I was sent back to the WoD version of the zone even though that is not how last set it with Zidomi.

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…and this isn’t what is happening, which is why people continue to report it as a bug.

if you go back in time, the portal goes nowhere.


Ahhh… I see.

That’s not the issue, the portal when you go back in time doesn’t work.
Talked to Zidormi and headed back, portal doesn’t work. You fly right through.

(Apologies, didn’t see that you had replied to Nobully)

ISTRC that walking through instead of flying was a work around for some problem with the portal. Don’t recall the specifics though.

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Still not working. Bug was reported more than a year ago and still hasn’t been fixed. I wonder how such simple bugs take so long to “fix”?

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I am having trouble as well. Tried going back in time, walking through as suggested. No effect, just went through like there was nothing there. No errors. Went back to present, walked through to WoD, which sucked, as I hadn’t been there yet, had no quests leading me there, and didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be in Hellfire Peninsula, on my character that was freshly back from an absence before Cata. I wanted to do Midsummer’s Eve quests. But no, now I have to go research a workaround. and waste my time doing it, instead of going through the portal which is exactly where I wanted to be! REALLY. Why aren’t you either fixing it, or telling people that they are out of luck, if you have no plans to?

Man, the Blizzard bug fixers must be the laziest coders on the planet. They STILL haven’t fixed this. It may be best to suspend their pay entirely until they decide to actually do their job, or just fire all of them. They clearly aren’t competent.

Seems to only be an issue for 90+ characters. Saw a few level 60s pass through just fine.

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