Dark Portal Opening and Dates Beyond

Does anyone know when the Dark Portal is opening? I logged in this morning at 0001AM and it still wasn’t open. I thought it would open on June 1st? I took the day off to play and nothing. Blizzard is legally obligated to refund my pay for the day since it’s all their fault. Why can’t they communicate with the players more clearly?

That would be hilarious :joy:

I am pretty sure the portal does not have a level requirement.

It does, much like any instance it will say “you must be at least level 58 with the burning crusade expansion installed”

Opps, yep you are totally right. You cannot use the portal, but you can get a summon in at any level. Just did some research.

Yup, people liked having low level alts with a shatt hearth for the easy portals

I think any level can also use the Shat mage portal too.

No level restriction on using a mage portal, can make a shiny penny if you’re one of the first mages

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It’s 58 my dude

Catch up with the thread my dude!

ok reported.

Can I join you guys with the LFG tool pleaaasee thaaanks.

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are you stupid or somthing

If we get enough likes on this post it won’t get deleted.

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Damn my mans got the first response and just decided to go scorched earth lmao

I’m standing at it now with my level 55 Blood Elf Priest, did the level 55 quest for the tabard, but can’t walk through the portal. I thought you could enter it at any level too, but I guess not.

Can you whine just a little bit harder for those in the back?

Go away… people like you are bad for this version of the game and community

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Any word on when Blizz will decide to use the authentic TBC arena rewards?

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