Dark Iron Vocals

I had a female Dark Iron Warrior since they were released. Is there any way to tone down her vocals? She’s constantly yelling and over time I’ve been finding it increasingly annoying. It’s with any Ignore Pain, any of the Shouts and it seems Shield Slam criticals. It’s too much and too noisy and constant but I don’t want to just turn the game sound off. I can’t find any setting that reduces the volume of the shouting without also reducing game sound.

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There’s probably other addons out there, but I use Leatrix Plus which has the option to mute specific game sounds, including combat shouts.

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Ok wow, you are a life-saver, that is an awesome addon (that I’d never heard of). I was starting to go down the route of finding and editing the actual game sounds but that was proving to be a pain. Thanks so much!

This is why I abandoned my maghar orc warr. They had the og orc voice over at first (bug), and disliked the maghar voicework, dunno.

Prot warr, shouty tank.
Bdk, squelch noises tank.
Vengeance, explody tank.
Guardian, swish growl swish.
Protadin, clangy tank.
Brewmaster, gulp gulp.