Dark iron drawf help

Im currently going along with a guide to unlock dark iron dwarfs. I am level 55, did my hoa quest, did the 3 footholds and no further quest is showing up. Is there another req for the war campaign im missing?

Most of the War Campaign now requires level 60.

With Dragonflight, they rescaled BfA to go up to 60 so it could remain the default new player leveling experience, and with that much of the end game content (including the War Campaign) got it’s required level bumped up as well.

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Oooh, the guide said 50. That helps me a lot ty ^^ do i need to finish anything else for the next wc stuff? Im not done with stormsong vally… do i have to finish that?

For the Dark Iron Dwarves, you don’t need to do any questing in the leveling zones beyond what is needed to get to friendly rep with each of the 3 factions. (Assuming it’s your first character doing BfA content, you’ll need the rep for the Uniting the Isles quest at 60.)

If you want to unlock Kul Tirans, you’ll need to complete all of the zones plus a quest chain to rescue Jaina. So, if you think you might at some point want to unlock Kul Tirans, you might as well continue in Stormsong Valley at least until you hit 60.

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I see, thank you so much for the help :>