Dark Heart and WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Ahead

Does this MoP event mean my already made lowbie toons will benefit from the event or do I need to make a new toon?

Wait what? What planet are you from that you think getting gear in S4 is hard? I’m already 4 piece, 9/9 hero/508 IL and pugged KSM on my main.

It’s actually way too easy imho

What even is Dark Heart?

I ‘marked my calendar’, set my birthday aside to discover what Dark Heart is all about, and now I can’t log into my main because I tried to interact with the guild bank. It seems sensible now not to get excited about new content.

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getting so excited its next thursday !!! woohoo

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It’s going to be the greatest content ever in a billion ages

Me too! Schedule has been cleared. Weekly raid has been cancelled. Let’s roll!

I haven’t been this excited for anything WoW related in a while…that’s probably why it feels like it has been a year since the PTR.

So, is this going to be as buggy as the current release or worse?

Honestly, Blizzard’s been doing a great job of moving my interest to RL chores as I find spending time doing a weekly only to get no rewards repeatedly due to sharding just not fun.

It’s a limited-time cash grab.