Dampening / Healing Changes in Arenas Coming in Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Phase 2

If you don’t want healer nerfs they’d have to skyrocket dps to keep up, keep in mind heals are designed to keep 4-5 people per healer up in pve settings.

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In BGs and WPvP you are supposed to 1v4 people. Honestly wish they remove ALL PvP modifiers in BGs and WPvP so that way it can be like it was where you actually were powerful.

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Tell me you don’t heal without saying, “I don’t heal.” :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


As others have mentioned, this seems like a really broad approach to a specific problem. For one, not all healers function in the same way or have the same style of healing, a tree of life from Druid will undoubtedly be better than a pain suppression from a priest in high dampening due to the higher healing output. Essentially, healers that have different advantages (self defense, damage mitigation, more cc, mobility, damaging, etc) will not scale well to the high dampening high healing output environment and will naturally be worse by trying to compete in such way that doesn’t suit the classes strengths and more than likely result in being useless to their teammates a lot sooner.

I’m sure other players have their own class examples but as a disc priest I know full well that atonement healing will be less viable and will force disc priests to try spam direct heals to compete, which won’t go well since part of the advantage for disc is damaging to heal through atonement but having less direct healing power to compensate.

In other words, find a more direct approach instead of something that will just make current strong heals more viable and other heals even worse than before. It only creates more balancing issues down the line.

Not really, and it is getting equally as old listening to players parrot this made up take that classes and or specs are tailored to do x pve content well, or x pvp content well.

The classes aren’t balanced to do anything, they’re designed to give the user a feeling of class fantasy which directly conflicts with “balance”. Dampening is a horrid mechanic and defending it’s lifespan being almost a decade at this point is just silly man.

Its an awful design choice they’ve had a decade to adjust and or change, we’re talking 2013 MoP. God forbid we expect the billion dollar company to come up with a solution to the bandaid fix they applied 10 years ago.

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You not liking something that is true doesn’t make it less true. The classes are absolutely balanced to perform to certain standards in pvp and pve, hence why we have pvp modifiers for pve abilities, buffs/nerfs happen in both pvp and pve.

I agree, but in order for your post to work you have to assume that because I said something true about dps I’m in favor of dampening, which I am not. I’d rather have the damage. I’m one of the rare people that post here that hates long drawn out idiot proof pvp that only ends post 60% damp.

Ah yes, the old take a sledge hammer to one specific spec in one specific setting and then wonder why you can’t find said spec in that setting.

Dampening is a stupid idea that should be removed. If you can’t land a kill with all the CC that currently exists in the game, it is a you problem, not healers being OP.

Sadly I know this basic level of common sense is long sense lost on the WoW dev team, has been ever since dampening became a thing, and that is exactly why this will be the first expansion since I started playing in BC I won’t even consider giving healer a try. Already leveled my DH to 60, now to just honor cap him before the expansion goes live.

Healing already is stressful in this meta. Making healing worse without giving us something makes matters worse.

New evoker has great tools but gets subjected to cc more cause of the range issue.

Maybe evaluate DRs on healers with dampening cause fears don’t break with damage now. Or let us heal when we are not cc.

Solo shuffle is chaotic and getting exposed to cc happens more often than not. Zug zug.

Anyways the buff to HP is good cause having 110k health and getting crit for 130k feels good.

This debuff has made me want to stop healing in general. I am getting so frustrated doing 2’s with a DPS partner and non of my heals touch them. It’s hard enough to heal as a druid, now I have to deal with this. I don’t enjoy it at all and I’m going to wait for them to take it out before I heal in PvP.

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Can we revert these changes. Healing is in an absolutely horrible state.