<damaged good> is looking for members. (On Sulfuras)

Hey everyone,

My name is Clutchnorris. I’m the GM of the guild. We’re just looking to get our numbers back up so we’re not having to pug so many people in our normal raids.

We are a pretty high-skilled but casual guild. if you want to be a sweaty player that’s certainly fine if you can only raid log that’s okay too.

We come from an offshoot of one of the highest raiding guilds on the server originally.

We raid currently on Sundays and on Wednesdays. Bwl/mc we’d. And aq40 Sunday. Startimes kind of vary depending on when we have gotten our composition ready but we try to get started at 8 p.m. server time.

This is an East coast server.

We are also very flexible on when you can come to the raid if you happen to be late.

The last thing is how we do loot. It is a priority system chosen by the players. So for example when aq40 released we had our players fill out a sheet that had their top five items that they really want for main spec raids. With one of those slots available if they wanted to use it for a PVP item.

And then the way it works is when an item is dropped we refer to the priority list to see who has it first and if multiple people have it than those are the only people allowed to roll on it.

We allow a monthly change to the priority list to rearrange the existing slots you have left. Once all the priority slots are used it goes to open role main spec.

If you are interested in joining please reach out to Derek (use alt+130 for the first e), tyrandel, dreyrugr, Dottiewhite, Clutchnorris, or sinfulz.

Thank you.

Edit: Just an update the priority list loot system is on hold at the moment while we can get new recruits and get our raid built back up. :grin: Instead we’re using soft res Ms / OS +1.