Dalaran Engineering Auction House Disappeared

Unreal, add this back in blizz

This company has gone so far downhill in the past 10 years it’s really sad to see. I miss the old, passionate about their games blizz. We literally get no communication and they just remove it without saying anything.

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So fix it for horde… wouldn’t that be the best solution??

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Please fix this. The AH in Dal was such a great quality of life!

Makes sense as to why I never saw it despite being grandmaster engi since day one.

That’s stupid.

Blizzard are legit clowns, remove actual wrath features that were in actual wrath, add a bunch of retail features/free stuff that destroys all markets and makes it easy for RMTers

BUT MUH COMMUNITY, pathetic, real OG developers of wow are shaking their heads, I feel bad for Rob Pardo’s hard work being mocked with this version of wrath they gave us.

Lets give people free tier 7 soon as they ding 80 with heroic badges being quest rewards, boxes with rare mounts that took people months to farm for free and tons of mats/potions

but lets remove basic features of wrath like dal ah if you got engineering and dung finder tool, boggles my mind

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Yah if we could get this back then that’d be great. Feels like they decide what features to keep from certain patches by flipping a coin. And whether or not it was on purpose there should be some form of communication. Incompetence at its finest.

Oh no! I’ve been mildly inconvenienced! /s

The steam powered auction house didnt come til Dalaran 2.0. AKA CATA. That’s why it was removed.

Well, you’re wrong, but okay.


Why is this not fixed yet.


Can confirm. Brassbolt Mechawrench and Reginald Arcfire have gone missing for everyone. They’re intended to be present and working for Grand Master Engineers.

We’re testing a hotfix that should return them to duty soon.


You are awesome. Thank you on this update!

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We did it!

Thank you for the update, I appreciate the clarification.

But this highlights a certain problem with this community. Y’all like to lie

“Blizzard wants you to have an authentic classic experience so they got rid of the AH bot so you have to go to SW”

How bout we wait until Blizzard communicates this instead of pushing a narrative?

Amazing news! Thank you so much!

Hey Kaivax any ide awhen Blizzard will stop being silent about the massive problem of queues on servers like Benediction? it’s an easily solvable issue but Blizzard appears to be afraid to address the players about it because they want people to pay for transfers later on

Thank you!

very much appreciated, any news on when the devs will finally listen to the wrath community and not the clasicandy’s and give us back our RDF?

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