Dalaran Engineering Auction House Disappeared

Why tho? Even if it didn’t come launched with og wotlk, it should have been in.



I could have sworn that AH was in OG wrath

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It was. Some blizz dev that doesnt have engi probably just detected fun


I was running around like a crazy person the other day wondering if I was misremembering or what.

I got my eng up to 360 and was like “alright” then it wasn’t there I was like “what the?”

FYI I got it up to make mounts / bullets not for the AH.

they probably removed it to keep you having to go back to major capital cities so that “they feel alive” or some other such garbage.


Was it in the game? I’ve never seen it despite being grandmaster engi since day one

It’s engineering only and a perk of the tradeskill in wotlk. It was only removed an hour ago this is beyond dumb.


Think maybe wasn’t part of the current patch?

Used it last night and this morning. It literally happened within the last hour.


Weird, idk why I never saw it then

if i remember correctly it was a small robot dude in the room where the engineer trainer is.

I’m aware of that yeah. I’ve been maxed engineering since yesterday, never seen the auctioneer where it should have been located at.

yeah ive been using it since launch pretty much. just removed in the last few hours


Honestly, I am getting pretty sick of the changes. I wanted to play Wrath of the Lich King as it was, not Wrath Remastered.

Sick of it.


Hoping this was an accident… Actually one of the main reasons I go engineering in WotLK. Taking it out to release it in a future patch seems silly. Taking it out to repopulate old cities would be plain stupid considering it’s only available to engineers.


Maybe they have to disable the Alliance version to force the Horde AH to actually spawn?

I literally spent hours and tons of gold yesterday leveling my engineering to 350 so I could use the AH in Dalaran. It was literally there yesterday and I used it several times but as of a few hours ago it’s completely missing. I really hope they did not remove it intentionally because that was one of the main reasons why I even invested into leveling engineering in the first place.

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I can imagine how this decision went down at Blizzard HQ.

Dev meeting:

  • Alright, what problems are we looking at now?

“Players on large servers can’t log on to play the game”

  • That can wait.

“The Battle for Undercity quest doesn’t work.”

  • That can wait.

“The Dalaran auction house is too much fun.”



Was it in at launch? I don’t remember it until later, but I also wasn’t an engineer so it could have easily flew under my radar.