Daily Dungeon Cap on TBC Launch

if you hit 30 cap on the way to 70, hit 70, then want to do heroics, you’ll need to wait until the cooldown. Nice system.

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The support article clearly has not been fully updated since it specifies 40 man raids and does not mention 25. That said, we REALLY could use some clarification on this point.

Lots of people are premaking groups with the same expectations going into TBC. People plan on playing 12+ hours dungeon farming.


#RemoveTheCap !!


Speak for yourself, dont assume people dont have groups preplanned to literally do just this.

Wowhead just posted an article, limit has been lifted

well you don’t have to be an ahole about it. It’s fine by me if some of yall wanna live like that, but whatever, just rush through all the content then and be that way.

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