Daily Dungeon Cap on TBC Launch

Lots of people take off work and are super hyped for new content. Maybe you play more casually but just because it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean it won’t impact a lot of players.

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Did they change it to 30 per toon?

I thought it was per account.

dont tell me how to play

uncap the daily dungeon limit, at least for a few weeks


Bigger issue is I’ve heard its account wide. If thsts true that has to be changed asap. Shouldn’t be screwed out of rep farming cause you dungeon farmed on an alt for gold.

And yes, I’m bias as hell about this.

You’re planning to run >30 dungeons in one day? That’s insane… just go farm something, do pvp or fish if you can’t go 2 hrs without playing the game.

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I’m hyped, too. I also took off work. And I’ll probably play 16 hours a day the first week. But I’m not worried about the dungeon cap. You shouldn’t be, either, IMO.

30 dungeons per day per toon is a LOT of dungeons. Go do some quests or farm something outside instances if you hit it. Play an alt. Or maybe take some time to eat, sleep, and $hit? :wink:

Why limit people tho? If they want to zoom, why can’t they zoom?


who’s really gonna do 30 dungeons a day… getting groups that’ll last you all day like that, especially finding tanks willing to play all day with you, there’s no such thing… unless you’re in some guild that’s very active on dungeons but… everyone runs at their own pace, and I just don’t believe anyone’s really gonna try achieving even 20 dungeons in a day… it becomes a dreadful boring grind, you gotta at least take a break and do something else… lol.
Trust me when I say I would definitely try to run that many dungeons if I could, but not everyone can do that many. The most I’ve done is probably 5-10 in a day…

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For the same reason there are raid lockouts. People would literally kill themselves running Karazhan 10-20 times a day and be done with the game in a week.

It’s called a pacing mechanism. It’s to encourage you to go out into the game world and do other things so you don’t get burned out doing the same thing over and over. And probably more importantly for Blizzard, it’s so that you don’t get bored and unsub after the first month.

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This support article specifies limits for individual instanced zones and 40-player raid instances.

Are Burning Crusade 10 and 25-player zones “individual instanced zones” or “raid instances”?

Will running 30 dungeons lock me out of Karazhan for the day?

Pretty sure they made raids and dungeons separate.

They made the distinction for 40-player raids. I would like them to clarify the support article to include 10 and 25-player raids.

Not true Botanica and arctraz are very long and depending how long it takes for your group to get past the first 2 rooms in shadowlabs that is also long. The only short dungeons is the zangar ones and ramparts and blood furnace.

if you hit 30 cap on the way to 70, hit 70, then want to do heroics, you’ll need to wait until the cooldown. Nice system.

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The support article clearly has not been fully updated since it specifies 40 man raids and does not mention 25. That said, we REALLY could use some clarification on this point.

Lots of people are premaking groups with the same expectations going into TBC. People plan on playing 12+ hours dungeon farming.


#RemoveTheCap !!


Speak for yourself, dont assume people dont have groups preplanned to literally do just this.

Wowhead just posted an article, limit has been lifted