<Cutting Corners> [H] - 9/9 Casual Heroic / M+ Guild!

Updated info about us

Still recruiting? Thinking of leveling my priest as either holy or shadow.

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Hello, i mainly do M+ content as a heals and i love pushing keys, if your group has a core spot for a m+ healer id love to see if i fit in with your group well, if i do im also a bit interested in raiding in the new tier semi-casually, GingerHeals#11438 if you want to talk more.

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Hello yes we are still recruiting, please add on bnet!


Hello, if y’all are still looking for healers I’d definitely be interested in seeing if I’m a good fit for your group. Looking for a more permanent home for Heroic raiding and M+. Link909#1888 if you’d like to talk further.

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Currently looking for Warlocks!

But also open to other classes and casual players!

Now recruiting an 2nd tank and warlock!

Bump, 9/9 Heroic, always looking for new players!