Customization Suggestions Megathread (Edited for 9.2.5)

This one?


Dwarf Suggestions

What Dwarves got was pretty great, but there are a few odd omissions from the first pass that would make for easy fixes.

  1. Accessories colour, ergo the cuffs in female dwarf braids, all piercings, and male dwarf beards. Right now they’re all defaulted to gold, but nearly every other race has at least a few options for colour, including gnomes. The dwarf jewelry is some of the most prominent of all the races, it doesn’t make sense to exempt them from being able to make those items, say, silver, or bronze. The feathers as well should have a few colour options, much like night elf leaves.

  2. Tattoo colours, which are nice currently but again oddly limited. For example, it’s currently impossible to get the same colour tattoos as actual Wildhammer NPCs. There’s also no option for black tattoos, and the current green doesn’t actually match the Wildhammer tabard, it’s a strange lime green.


  1. Female gnomes need more of everything, honestly. They gained so few new updates that they’re currently the only core race without a second tab in their customization. I assume this was due to a lot of stuff already made being cannibalized for Mechagnomes, but there’s very little reason why they can’t share even some.

  2. Mechanical limbs, which seems like a no-brainer, and can easily be done in a way that differentiates them from Mechagnomes. Even just the arms, or an eye, would add a lot of combinations.


More shared hairstyles, especially between races that are close culturally. Human females still don’t have a proper braid hairstyle, despite there literally being a Dwarven District in Stormwind, where braids are all the rage. Swapping styles between the races, altered to fit the given culture, would not only make sense lorewise but is something that’s been done before when the barbershop first opened.


Give us a way to color our nails

Since it hasn’t been mentioned Meta needs customization imo. While it does retain hair color thats all it does, doesn’t even retain tattoo color which the player has selected iirc.

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Great googly moogly, that’s a big post (15 default .doc pages). Megathread indeed.

Just taking this a bit at a time, I don’t think Dark Ranger/San’layn are really appropriate for a generic “Blood Elf” customization. They just come with too much implication and baggage - these are undead creatures, on the opposite side of the life/death equation.

That said, I do think more demonic Blood Elves would fit. Something that leans more towards the Kael’thas’ Felblood, Sunwell Goons line of aesthetic.


Honestly there’s no reason Eyepatches/Monocles/Glasses shouldn’t be a thing separate from helmets/hats so we can have both.

Huh oh, think that one got deleted by mistake, I’m going to have to redo it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I’m not sober enough to add anything reasonable. I just wanted to give a bump.

If we can out-FF14 with customization and vanity options, that would be a win on so many levels.


At this point, I really wish they would finish Heritage Armor for the core races. Not exactly a customization but transmog can be a heavy function of who a character is.


You have my support! Still lots of work on customization to go!


Thread about worgen’s request for tails That’s going on nearly 9k posts so far as we who post on it really want our worgen having their tails already. Mind you some posts might get silly but we’re none the less more determined to get those tails for worgen


Add eyebrow customization to all races plus matching hair colors. Give dwarve females more dwarven hairstyles, jewelry and tattoos for both M&F.


I might make an “All” Section that includes those things and scars.

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For Vulpera, the addition of head hair that isn’t tied to fur would be lovely, where it makes sense. Albino option for all races.

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I often wonder what lengths Blizzard could add to Vulpera and Worgen and Tauren hairstyles if they really applied themselves. All three are fairly limited.

Every race should get salt and pepper(or w/e to match their hair color). I didn’t realize how much I wanted ‘aging’ hair options until Uther from the later cinematic. Might be able to get away with highlights.


Old Gods YES!

I was literally considering that yesterday!

I would use it on SO many of my toons. T_T

So very many.

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Saw some good Tattoo concepts for zandalari Trolls from Keyboardtuern.

Figured I would add them here.

Edited some parts for Dragonflight and added a special segment for Dracthyr.

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Awesome work, i totally support all suggestions.

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Glad to say this was given.

Ticks me off that they gave it to Void Elves though out of nowhere.

At least Night Elves made a little sense, but now Alliance has 2 Dark Rangers to the Hordes 1 and Blood Elves still don’t have a unique thing besides jewelry and some eye/hair colors.

Guess it’s time to push San’layn and Felbloods as a unique racial theme.

Thank you, I wish I had more time to update it.

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Body sliders, more slootmogs, updated graphics for older mogs, all hairstyles from all races, available to all races, height slider LOL, all that would be a good beginning.

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