[Customization] Helm Cosmetics - Showing Hair with Helm & Variety for Simpler/Practical Headpieces

With the popularity of the many colors of flower crowns used across the game, I feel ‘pretty’ and more simpler headpieces/cosmetics for the hair/head should be added and are definitely desired.

The tier headpieces are cool, but sometimes a more subdued look is desired, as is indicated often by a player’s choice in their character’s transmogged headpiece. See flower crowns. Tier pieces are meant to be epic, these suggestions below would not replace that epicness and could be offered via gathering/crafting professions (!), the Trading Post or Trial of Style, among achievements.

The flower crowns are beloved but they are reskinned; I feel like I am walking around Coachella 24/7 amongst the flower children music goers using the same flower crown mesh. :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom: :tulip: :blossom: :sunflower: This is not necessarily a bad thing, but Blizzard should notice and capitalize on how popular these styles are. Variety is key and it would be great to have, in alphabetical order:

  • Berets
  • Bonnets
  • Diadems & tiaras
  • Feathers (Applicable to multiple races in different applications such as Wildhammer dwarves, Tauren, Farstrider high elves, etc; feathered hat, feathered headband, Hawkstrider hairpin - see my ‘updated Nimar’s Headdress’ suggestion below, etc for a specific feathered headpiece)
  • Goggles not limited to engineers that sit on the head
  • Hairbands
  • Hairpins
  • Headbands/Head bandanas
  • Headscarves
  • Jester/bard hat
  • Low fantasy hats with updated textures
  • More flower hair accessories (with a different 3d mesh)
  • Racial/thematic headpieces that are on the simpler side for everyday use (What would a local denizen of Silvermoon wear? What about a Stormwind peasant? Etc.)
  • Ribbons
  • Updated simpler headgear from old content (Nimar’s Headdress, bucket hats, etc)

NOTE: Make all new headgear show the character’s hair. It really sucks when there is a cool helm but your character loses all their hair minus the base texture on the head. I believe it can be better handled in 2023.

  • Please do NOT sleep on this; it makes many players unwilling to use a creation you all put so much work into, and takes away that character’s personalization a bit.

Having variety would also make the current lack of hairstyle diversity less noticeable. Most races have 2-3 hairstyles that are most commonly used, and it feels bland at times. Adding these touches of personalization that every group of players can enjoy would be a major boon.

Thank you so much for your consideration! I realize not all these options will be favored by each person, but there should always be something for everyone.

As of now, flower crowns reign supreme for a reason, if not a hidden helm or some sort of less-intrusive helm like Crown of Destruction or priest T3/T7 (Naxx). None of these more-utilized helm transmogs jeopardize the character’s hairstyle/face being seen, and are simple (and pretty) enough to be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. :bouquet:

Shorel’aran and happy Sunday! :sunny:



I hard agree, the simple helm mogs are the best. A lot of people like to see the faces of their characters but would like something small still to decorate. I remember the glasses and flower crowns being a bit hit on roleplay servers especially and I still see them around now.

I think everything on that list is good, more variety is always good!


NOTE: Make all new headgear show the character’s hair. It really sucks when there is a cool helm but your character loses all their hair minus the base texture on the head. I believe it can be better handled in 2023

Few things are as cursed as a dwarf that becomes beardless after… Putting on a helmet…? :dracthyr_tea:


For the recent leak of new masks and sunhats - thank you so much for adding these items! We would still like hair for casual helms moving forward.

At least give us the option for short, medium and long hair in our character’s respective color in a default style, anything.

Massive win for more practical headpieces.


Agreed! I’d still like a cosmetic headpiece slot on top of the current helm slot though, so we could wear glasses and a headband, for instance


This would be amazing! Brings me back to Ragnarok Online and the three helm slots:

  • Headpiece
  • Eyepiece/Midface
  • Mouth/Bottom face

Such legendary combinations too and did not make everyone divert to one of a few of the ‘good’ simplistic headgear pieces.

Edit: Sunglasses to go with the herbalism sunhat would be an amazing combination, paired with a leaf or flower in the mouth. :pinched_fingers: :herb:


I just want to use antlers and crescent moon helm at the same time on my druid :stuck_out_tongue:


Helms are often not used if they do not show hair or ears correctly, or at all.

Image courtesy of Vale!

All helms should show appropriate ears of the affected races, and helms should have an option to show hair. OR;

Make a player choose between 2-3 preset ‘hairstyles’ that work with every helm if it is too difficult to make into reality otherwise.

Example: One long-hair preset, one short-hair preset, one bald preset, one ‘hairstyle’ preset like a ponytail. Or have this preset already determined based off which hairstyle is being used.


A hair should always show with a helm if applicable.

I also believe Warcraft has outgrown the ‘1 helm’ slot. The June 2024 trading post items with the sunglasses AND hat together demonstrate this.

Many either wanted the hat (with showing hair) OR the sunglasses.

If a game launched in 2003 can have 3 separate ‘cosmetic helm’ slots, then I believe Warcraft can too. A blast from the past with Ragnarok Online!

The character wears one ‘Rainbow Costume’ (rainbow atop the head), Rainbow Sigrun’s Wings (rainbow winged ears), and one Bat Rucksack (on her back). All the while showing hair and offering many combinations.

This is a missed opportunity that I hope Warcraft will capitalize on. Transmog is definitely an end-game for some, if not a game along the entire journey.

This is the last day of my Community Council term, I leave it to the Class of 2024-2025. Our hope of showing hair will continue on. :womans_hat: :haircut_woman:

Thank you for all the support in this thread!