Customer service always condescending and generic

Throwing a tantrum will not result in a different outcome and could potentially result in your thread being closed. You’ve been offered some good advice and options, the main one being creating a constructive discussion in the TBC/Classic forum.

Good luck.


You make it sound like I had something to do with causing this problem. My characters are some of the few left. Did Blizzard not create the rules for this game and how it functions? Are they not responsible for the state of the game? I fully understand the bigger picture and think Blizzard should do something, but also am fully aware that the likelihood is that they won’t. At this point, I care about my specific problem. If that has overarching repercussions, that is Blizzard’s problem. Blizzard has allowed, since they are the ones in charge of the rules, this situation to unfold the way it has. Good, bad, or otherwise, that is their choice.

I don’t see how posting on TBC general forums will in anyway be more productive. As everyone has alluded, this isn’t a unique problem to me where I’m bringing some great insight that Blizzard doesn’t already know about. I fail to see how I’m the bad guy for wanting to play the game as intended.

Nobody’s saying you’re the bad guy.

However, unlike in-game, there aren’t clear-cut good and evil paths here. Every decision has good and bad consequences.


you and all the other TBC players had something to do with this. The fact that people overwhelmingly went Horde in TBC is a player created issue not a Blizzard created issue.


Post in the TBC forums will get it seen by the developers posting here is baiscly talking to a brick wall no one here is liasons to the developers.

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I am sorry. I honestly didn’t know self censoring was apparently a problem.

<-- Didn’t roll horde. Was on an Alliance underpopulated PVP server. Not sure how you think that had anything to do with me specifically.

IF you have to ‘self censor’ then you knew that cursing in the first place was against the rules.


Like the game is rated T so is the forums and swearing here is more heavily frowned on since it is the mostly heavily moderated forums you realy dont want to provoke teh sleeping panda. To quote stargate SG1 morgana “You have your answer, Daniel Jackson. I suggest you act on it.”


Perhaps they should rename the forum then because the “Customer Support” title is a bit misleading if they are hoping for Player to Player Support.

Also, I didn’t “attack” anyone. I’m sorry having strong opinions comes off as aggressive when I’m hit with a wall of non-friendly replies.

The problem is that you came here with the false mentality that the customer is always right which is an outdated notion that is patently false now.

I’m sorry that Blizzard won’t bow down to your complaining but you have been treated well and none of the posts were unfriendly towards you and just explained your options (pay or reroll)


Where did I say the customer is always right?

You literally said “You and all the other TBC players had something to do with this.” You don’t know me or my situation and that is a blatant accusation that this issue is my fault. If you can’t understand how that is an unfriendly response, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Generic comment - meaning, it’s a player caused issue. Not directly pointed at you, just all the players in general.

Your attitude, and throwing out the whole fact that you pay, and threatening not to pay if you don’t get your way, certainly comes across that way.

Might be time to just step back and take a breath or two.


I thoroughly enjoy the use of hyperbole by everyone here. I’m fairly confident you’ve never seen an actual tantrum if you think that is what occurred. If you’d like to point out where my case is flawed, I’d love to discuss the merits of your opinions. There are plenty of constructive discussion on the TBC forum that have gone unanswered and considering the problem existed on various servers throughout classic it is obvious that the bigger picture of faction balance isn’t important. MY problem is a result of faction imbalance, but that is not MY issue. Everyone seems to think I care about faction imbalance, when I don’t care what Blizzard does or doesn’t do to correct it as long as there are people to play with. It is past the point where there are people to play with because almost everyone has left on their own accord. Unfortunately that means my only 2 options are abandon all the effort building characters and reroll somewhere or pay $250 to transfer them all somewhere else. I don’t see how it is unreasonable to be able to expect to have players to play with as a basis for an MMO.

You are asking for special treatment that the company won’t give to other customers.

You are continuing to rant and rave because they won’t bow down and break policy for you.


Funny, when you say “You” and responding to someone specifically, they might take it as a direct response to that person.

Saying I pay for a service I can’t use fully is having an attitude now?

Well, you know your options and you know that Blizz isn’t going to pay for your transfer.

I’m not too sure what else there is to say at this point. Blizz can’t force players to stay and play with you no more than they can force them to choose the servers they do.

Best of luck in whatever you choose to do moving forward.


You can indeed use the service fully.


How do I run any raid with 5 people?

Find more people or don’t. As that is not the service you are paying for (you are paying for access to the retail, classic and TBC servers where available) your argument is invalid.