Cursed Dune Watcher

Picked up this guy a couple days ago from the Uldum Accord Supplies and was gonna list him on the AH for 100k+ not realizing what a lil badazz he is. Was concerned about the low HP of only 1034 but with Stoneskin and Sandstorm his survivability is increased. He’s got Speed (326) and Power (326). Probably one of the best pets you can use against an AOE team as his Sandstorm blocks 86 incoming damage to all pets. This guy could probably solo a Blightbreath / Twilight Sister / Infernal Pyreclaw team and leave your back row barely damaged. Seems like over half the teams i face any more are using AOE pets so for me this is a must have.

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yeah I’ve been watching the AH like a hawk cause theyre so expensive

and anomalus the AOE king is 20 silver!!

Lol yeah those are a dime a dozen. Battled one earlier and Dune Watcher made it pretty much powerless.