Current Raiding Guilds Progress

If your guild is not on the list, and you’d like it to be, please comment down and let me know what your guild’s progression. It goes without saying, that this is for PvE content only.

Only progress for one raid team will recorded.

Antithesis 10/10 1/1 with 1 Baron Geddon Binding and 1 Garr Binding
Broken Promise 10/10 1/1
Eternal Phoenix 10/10 1/1 with 1 Baron Geddon Binding
Ironforge Drinking Team 10/10 1/1
Naxx Tour Guide 10/10 1/1 with 1 Garr Binding
Nefarious 10/10 1/1
Nostalgia 10/10 1/1
Owl Buddies 10/10 1/1
Phearllamas 10/10 1/1 with Garr binding
Ransom 10/10 1/1
Rebel Alliance 10/10 1/1
Reverie 10/10 1/1 with 2 Garr Binding and Eye of Sulfuras

Back Alley Hoofjobs 10/10 1/1
Chillin & Killin 10/10 1/1
Deadmoon Tribe 10/10 1/1
Elitist Jerks 10/10 1/1
Fallen 9/10 1/1
Game Over 10/10 1/1
Goons 10/10 1/1 with 1 Garr Binding
Legion 10/10 1/1 1 Azuregos kill
RUIN 10/10 1/1
Vinatta 10/10 1/1 with 3 Baron Geddon Bindings and 1 Garr binding
Wipe Til Red - 10/10 1/1

If you have any ideas for formatting, let me know.


Legion barely killed domo

couldn’t kill rag with onixia buff and brs buff on full raid LOL
I don’t understand why people are joining this guild they have like 60+ level 60s

Imagine being this salty about a guild you arent a part of.

Show me where the mean guild touched you…


imagine thinking ur part of the guild as a lvl 48

you wanna talk pve, go to a pve server. nubs

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Dont worry once I hit 60 i will be coming to look for you for a little fun.

Win or lose i love me some pvp

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Imagine being too afraid to post on your classic character…

well bojangles, you can look, but i’ll be the KFC to your bojangles bb


Why is everyone being so negative? I’m genuinely curious where everyone is at.

Teabeezy you’re my fav horde


No idea. I figured this was the only to know since wowprogress doesn’t have a classic section.

Brittni you took my Flower so i took your life!

Thanks @Brittni, I’ll never forget us griefing each other in Hinterlands over the chicken quest :slight_smile:

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I will rematch you any time you want Crazy


Time and place?

STV arena. in 20 minutes

I heard one of the bindings dropped for Iron Forge Drinking Team and some pugs tonight in MC. That’s pretty sweet.

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It did. Was pretty cool. Our MT got it. Some mage left the raid because we didn’t let him roll. LOL