Current ERA Needs LFD

Looking for group is spammed 100 miles per hour with GDKP, Boosting, WTT my wotlk for your classic gold… Like nobody is using LFG for LFG.

Can we get LFD so i can turn this crap off without having to use an addon to filter out 99% of whats going on in the channel…


The devs originally wanted RDF in Vanilla but didn’t have the time/money to figure it out.

I support this idea.


I dont know about having it on fresh but right now LFG is a cesspool of GDKPs and Boosts 100%

Consider playing on a realm that isn’t a free transfer destination.

why cant you use the addon?

you installing an addon is easier than them changing the gamecode for you.


so play on a dead server so you don’t have to worry about getting a group. Okay

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You’re making the case that you are a perfect match for Whitemane.


WOTLK needed it from day 1…

I would be all for one being added for era, but I don’t see it as a need…

I was always on board with RDF being a thing for Wrath but I don’t think it’s needed for classic (Era).


I wish more people would report those misusing the channel. Ideally the community would police itself and these guys would be getting automated chat bans constantly. That doesn’t happen though, so it’s best to just bite the bullet and download a filter addon.


Yeah, the channel doesn’t function on the big servers due to the sheer amount of spam.

I used to be dead set against this idea and thought everyone who suggested it needs to go play something else.

I would say on Era it would be okay for a RDF feature to be put in the game that allows players from all realms (cross-realm) to group for a dungeon. I would want it limited to dungeons (including UBRS) for now and would allow it to teleport players to the instance entrance.

We are playing the old game, but without the old culture and populations that made the original chat and guild looking for group work so well. If RDF existed on Era you could play on a low pop server if that is your preference but still do whatever dungeons you need and that would be pretty cool.


I suppose it depends on what dungeon finder your talking about,

The one that teleports you right to the instance with group is a hard no for me.

The one that organizes the group and you all make your way to dungeon would be fine imo.


It could just be that people for the most part don’t have any issue with how others are using the LFG channel.

If they did, and were reporting misuse, which apparently includes any recruitment for guilds or raids that are not currently forming, then violators would get chat suspensions.

I would hate to see RDF in Vanilla, I think it would detract from a lot of what made it really fun. When you have RDF, the world stops mattering as much, which I find to be an engaging part of the game.

I would be absolutely ok with a LFG tool, specifically only for replacing the chat channel with a UI to make it easier to identify groups; however, it would have to be the retail version of it. The WotLK was an awful implementation.

Honestly, I kinda can’t fault people a little here because there’s no world-wide chat channel. People can make their own chat channels but they have a player limit. So in the absense of a chat channel people just use /LFG.

Speak for yourself. The soulless GDKP plague isn’t the universal Classic Experience.

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just one that forms a group is all. Walking there summoning with lock all that shaz can still be a thing

I don’t get how so many players can be so proud of having their time wasted. What is so compelling about walking to the instance? Are the hordes of trash mobs that you have to wade through to get into Deadmines really central to your dungeoneering experience? Do the 10 minutes you spend AFKing on the taxi from Stormwind to Trisfal Glades really enhance the experience for you? Or are you more in love with the 20 minutes you spend killing the respawns outside the SM wings while waiting for everyone else to reconnect after AFKing through their taxi ride? I don’t understand the appeal here.


What sets Classic apart from retail imo is the massive world you’re apart of; where you have to travel “quite literally” cross continents for certain items/awards and other items to progress your character.

Having a dungeon finder going while afking in capital cities would significantly detract from the Classic world and experience blurring the line between Classic/retail too much.

Admittedly, people do get tired of seeing/posting “LF1M Heals Scholo pst” in /2 / /5 chat, so having a dungeon organizer vs dungeon finder + teleporter is a significant distinction.


No disrespect to you… but do you honestly believe they’re going to do anything about people in chat, when I’ve seen the same people flying through the air and stealing my nodes from under the floor around the world?