Cult Researchers in Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate evasion issue

When doing the quest to recover 3 chapters and combine them by killing Cult Researchers, many of the researchers are severely bugged. They will evade and drop threat when attacked from range. Their ability blasts you back dealing over 7k damage and then evade all attacks from range. Some are still able to cast spells that deal ungodly damage while evading all spells and attacks.


2nd this, place is totally janked.

Still happening, seems worse on the right side of the room

Its not necessarily the researchers that are bugged but it seems to be a terrain/pathing issue. As a hunter, my pet was getting stuck in spots and would constantly get the “no path available for your pet” error.
It made the questline extremely annoying to finish…

Still the case 11/26/22, agree that it seems to be pathing issue on the east side of the interior of the building. Warlock pet just stood in the middle of the room when engaging mobs on the east side, mobs from the east side would come to an invisible barrier and Evade, but were not “stuck” and would engage if I moved to the east portion.