Culling of Stratholme Heroic - Mal'ganis fight unfinishable

As per title, when defeating Mal’ganis in Heroic Culling, you will be awarded the badges for the fight and the first line of dialogue will start but he immediately returns to 100% HP and starts fighting again.

From there he cannot be killed, reset or anything and the chest can’t be looted.


We had this bug today as well. A work around to get the loot is to pull Mal’ganis all the way out of the city back to the dungeon entrance. This resets Arthas. Then if you get out of combat (we died / ran out) Mal’ganis despawns and you can loot the chest.


Hasn’t worked for us, Arthas doesn’t reset.


Just had this happen to us, incredibly frustrating as it’s the daily today.

Tried this and it didn’t work.

Tried running out of the instance switching to normal also didn’t work, tried resetting it(we knew it was heroic but we tried) still didn’t work, one of my friends claimed he managed to reset him but we’ve had no luck. Now he’s just sitting at door of the instance fighting Arthas.


Just happened to me today and so I reported it. Went back in at the end of the day to see if I could loot the box. Still nothing… The box is there sparkling/shining as if there is loot. Mouse cursor shows nothing. Missed daily Heroic and the badges that come along with it :face_exhaling:

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This happened to us as well, all methods mentioned (kiting him to entrance) did not work to reset. We died, ran in - only to find Malganis and Arthas still fighting… we were able to complete the quest for the H daily, thankfully - and no one needed the loot or last badge off Mal so we dropped.

I ran into this bug today, my whole group left but I had a guildie kite Mal’Ganis to the dungeon entrance and then he did his finishing dialogue and opened his chest.

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still happening, blizzard please fix this