[CS Lounge] It doesnt matter if you fly it matters what u did with your mount

In the mid 1980’s (My mid 20’s) a friend and I visited Oahu then Kauai and finally the Big Island of Hawaii, Rented a car on all islands and out of all we visited Kauai was my favorite because of it’s natural beauty.

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NZ Vaccination Buses everyone -

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I should warn you Kevin, my DK is quite bony – so don’t think she would be very filling.


i feel like Kev would only do that if he had a…“bone” to pick with you.

runs out


Oh, that is cool – one of the announced changes for patch 9.1.5:


Yuck. Working the afternoon shift. Still two and a half hours to go. And I came into a backlog, but that was expected. Took most of my shift to catch up, and now it’s pretty much waiting for the end of the day, I expect.

On the plus side, I don’t have to feel too weird having a beer with “lunch.” That sure makes the evening better.

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I need another monitor… I’m trying to learn Blenders UI and I’m tired of ALT Tabbing to view the youtube videos on it.


Looks like I’m finished with World of Warcraft for the time being. I had to upgrade my OS to Linux for work, I got wow to work on Linux, but I’m getting like 5fps, it’s performance blows. So I am gonna let my sub lapse until I can upgrade a few things on my computer. I’ll still be around lurking though.

not sure what the odds are of getting the two fishing dailies i need in Undercity between now and Sunday, but…fingers crossed cause if i do, i may try to faction change my Druid to Alliance.

never really played a Kul Tiran Druid and since i’ve got the heritage armor set unlocked, figured i may as well put it to some use.

122 hours this pay period. Last day before a glorious luxurious day off.

Would habe beem more bit beem dealing with some serious behavior issues woth Boogy. Pong story shoet, he now temporarily lives with me

Apparently, the upcoming patch 9.1.5 will bring back the old Mage Tower challenge for the Legion Timewalking event, Guardian Druids will receive an entirely new, fel-themed Werebear form.

I’m so glad I recently leveled my old trusty Druid to 60 the other day.


I worked one of those back when I was working in an arcade. My district manager gave me my paycheck and told me I couldn’t open it until I got home. Turns out, I made more those two weeks than he did.

We might be seeing the last of the HOT days. 90 today, mid 80s over the weekend, then low to mid 70s next week. And with cool evenings, we’ve almost survived another blazing summer. :tada:


Ok, I am now convinced the game is trying to kill my new character.

Side note: First time doing Exile’s Reach (even though it was from me not paying attention at character creation and not intentional) but have to say it was very interesting. Will definitely be doing it on this Battle Net account as well (for achieves and mogs).

It’s just trying to get you to explore the world. :smiley:

Seriously though, it’s a known issue. Put in a ticket and a GM should be able to swap out to the right quest.


“Winnie the Pooh returned to the 100 Acre Wood after spending countless hours in the gym to chad out Rabbit, for all those times he refused to give him any hunny.”

wait…why do you have a quest for Orgrimmar? O_o


i also might’ve totally forgot that i can just travel to Ratchet via the Barrens and catch the boat to Booty Bay, open up the FP and park my Druid there on Sat for Pirate’s Day, then make my way back to Org for Brewfest on Mon…so i don’t have to worry about faction changing till a bit later on. :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a known bug according to Vrak.

Though I really don’t even know how the quest came to be in her log (wrong faction version aside) as that alt had just arrived from Exile’s Reach and never talked to anyone about that quest.

Also, that was on a completely different Bnet account from this one. I was just leveling the alt to test something with the Forums.


yeah, i forgot to quote him and respond in my original message. been a bit of a long day for me. feeling a tad sleepy, but i don’t wanna retire too early as i’ll struggle to sleep tonight.

Speaking of Ratchet, here is a little tip for Alliance about getting to Ratchet from Pandaria.

There is a one-way teleport from the Alliance Shrine to Ratchet. It costs 10 gold and you get it from the Gnome out on the upper deck at Shrine.

It was left over from the Battlefield Barrens event during MoP.

yeah, i tend to forget that’s a thing. :laughing: only time i spend in Pandaria, is on an RP server when i’m hunting down warscouts/bringers for rep tokens. :grin: unless of course i’m working on my cooking skill.