[CS Lounge] Happy Thoughts

I have to keep reminding myself, today is Thursday…


Yep! Looking forward to an all new The Orville episode tonight!


I really need to catch up on those. It is a great show.

Of course, been slacking on watching any of our regular shows (9-1-1, Manifest, Good Doctor, Resident, & New Amsterdam) as of late, we are behind on everything.


My wife had to have a hysterectomy. Luckily, she did not get hit with the menopause part of it early.

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Love that show

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So it is just me and the boys tonight. My wife is off to go see Waitress, the touring Broadway production.

It is one of her favorite movies, and she is super excited to see it.

Her and the coworker going with her (we always get two when we get tickets…i have exactly 0, perhaps less than, interest in seeing it) are going to grab dinner before the show.

That’s ok though, she can have Waitress and the next one coming, Fiddler on the Roof. Not a fan of Fiddler either.

I got tickets to Hamilton in August baby.



Super Jealous!


Babysitting the grandpups!


We are very blessed. My wifes grandma has ALWAYS loved the arts. Opera, ballet, touring Broadway productions, etc.

My son expressed interest one time, and she gave us her Phantom tickets. It is my all time favorite. He was hooked. He got excited when he saw Jersey Boys was the next show, so she gave us those, just to see if it was a one off or if he really enjoyed live theatre. It was not a one off

Now she buys season tickets every year and gives them to us. This year she bought tickets for two different companies.

On top of the 3 I already mentioned, we have tickets for Something Rotten and Jersey Boys. Went to Spamalot earlier this year, and that is where he got his first taste of Montey Python. Hooked yet again.


I went and got my x-rays and blood work done today and my doctor’s office called. I have arthritis in my lower spine and hips. It’s early stage but has me worried about the future as I am in my mid-30’s.


Hopefully your DR can offer you treatment to help you deal with it and get better.

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Man I hope you find some relief soon. I don’t remember a time my back has not hurt since High School.

All I can suggest is you start to get used to it.


The back pain isn’t a problem, I’ve had it since I got hurt when I was 12. It’s the joints in my hips aching when sitting or standing that has been hard to get used to. I feel like I’ve been kicked in both of my hips. And it radiates down into my knees so sometimes I can barely walk. My legs try to give out on me. My guess is I’ll have to have shots to alleviate the pain.

I should apologize. It seems like all I do these days is complain. :frowning:


Feh, you’ve got good valid complaints IMO - complain as needed, no apologies necessary. (EDIT: Kind of funny to say knowing I’m looking at a choice of hysterectomy or years of discomfort / pain before it “shrinks” enough.)

I can’t even imagine dealing with chronic pain so young and knowing it’s rest of your life, mostly a management thing because there’s no cure.


That’s not complaining. I can’t even imagine.

When I sit I like to turn my legs out. They just do it naturally. Before I got a desk chair I was using a dinner table chair.

There was no restriction on the rotation and it got really painful. But j could fix it by changing to a real chair.

With what I think was a sliver of your hip pain I hope you find relief. Soon


Ugg… working swings. I see all these people here and have to remind myself that everything is open.

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Made 18 feet of dirt/country road, 18 feet of concrete/cobblestone roads, and 18 feet of asphalt road for my gaming tables.


Alright, so who on the East Coast saw The Orville tonight? West Coast, I won’t spoil it for you, but you’re in for a treat!

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My child monopolized the TV when we get home. I usually watch TV on the computer, as to not get into a fight that does not need to be had. Unless I really want to sit down and watch TV that is.

It is sitting on my DVR waiting for my attention though.

Think I am going to retire early tonight and just lounge in bed. Guild decided to do keys tonight instead of Heroic CoS, as one of our tanks had a previous obligation tonight. Already got a high level key in, so I sat out so others could get in. Time to take free time to relax. And see if I can fall asleep before my wife gets home haha.

Good evening guys!,

Hope you all have a great long weekend. I’m going to the movies with my friend tomorrow night and having turkey dinner on Sunday with my folks.

Tomorrow before movies gonna play some World of Warcraft. Hoping to reach Azerite Power Level 50 this week. I’m currently 19% into Level 49.