[CS Lounge] Happy Thoughts

I wanna send you some Japanese choco :}


I’ll eat it!! I’ll always try a new chocolate ! I should look next time I go to the Asian store. ( I buy my furikake there.)

I’m out of snacks any ways… for real. I currently have nothing snackable in the house.

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look up Crunky and see if that looks good. forward me your address, you know how to get a hold of me :smiley:


It’s downloading!
Hugs Alvie

I really get thrown off some times when I see you guys/gals talk about booze. My two friends here are fighting alcoholism and I’m trying to help them through it and keep their marriage intact.
On top of the fact that my job has me deal with homeless who surrendered to the bottle long ago.

How dark do you go with chocolate?
I cap out at 70% caco


Oh, it definitely can be a dark and dangerous mistress. That I will wholeheartedly agree upon.

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70 is just enough for me to get the flavor with a hint of sweet. Though that may depend on the manufacturer.

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She’s very dangerous and claims more victims each year. The population is increasing and some cities in California are about to hit critical mass.
People here have always sided with freedom over safety on this topic but the pendulum is swinging the other way. The vocal minority are about to lose and no amount of college student protests will help them.

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Man. My son was at the TV sk impatient. He was Lome come on. What is happening.

Then he was getting mad st me talking to fiends on Discord. Something along the lines of he just experienced his first patch day lol.

Not gon a lie. He went to bed frustrated. He bought the fighter pass and wanted tk use the new character haha

Man I love me some blue bell. And we have a plant close to us too.

Can’t afford it very often it is expensive here. But worth every bite. Mmmmm

Happiest of Birthdays to you my friend


Doing the new questline that drops from the Naga world quest. Got to the crab. Started humming “Shiny” from Moana.


If you still need the first pet from MV Wickedkitten, I have an extra.

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Thank you very much! And I’m really looking forward to to this. :smiley:


I can do 92% but I’ll only eat like a 3rd of the bar,where as with 70% I’ll eat the whole thing.

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Toatana hasn’t always been this glam!

Same thing happened to me but it was accompanied with lots of lyrical yelling in gchat haha.

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And the dishwasher is working correctly again. Son fell on the door on Tuesday trying to get something and rush around the kitchen. It was not quite closing correctly. We could close it, but we didn’t want to mess with it. Still under warranty, repair guy came out and just had to adjust the leg underneath. Apparently, when he fell, he pushed the side down a little bit.

A quick adjustment and we are good to go. Was gonna be upset too, this thing is less than a year old haha.


So I know I’d mentioned my severe anemia before, and for those who might want an update, it has wound up being a fibroid. They gave the size by telling me that the uterus is about the size of someone 14 weeks pregnant. Large enough to be causing numerous symptoms that I was brushing off, but not quite dangerously large yet.

The plus is there is absolutely nothing cancerous there, or elsewhere, as I also did all the routine :COUGH: annual :COUGH: physical with all the various “you’re 50 now” tests.

One minus is that many other symptoms I’ve been brushing off for a few years may also be related (cramps all the time, much more painful cramps at specific times, more lower back aching, feeling full when I haven’t eaten much).

The other minus is there’s mainly two options workable for me: medicine or surgery (hysterectomy). Medicine won’t make it go away, just deal with symptoms. Typically menopause, with reduced hormones naturally, causes a fibroid to shrink - but that could be months away or years away, and how long it would take to shrink enough is unknown.

All in all, though, it is manageable even if it means being uncomfortable much of the time (high pain tolerance means it only rarely gets really bad).


That is great news!!

I had a full hysterectomy (even removed my appendix, cause why not - he was already there, lol) when I was 25 (I’m 48 now). I chose not to do the hormone replacement therapy. It was rough at first, adjusting to menopause at such a young age. But the lack of pain (from the endo) made it all worth it.

I wish you the best of luck in your treatment and recovery.


Surgery scares the heck out of me. X___X