[CS Lounge] Happy Thoughts

Anyone else seeing an icon on their browser for the Forum pages?

I borked the forums again?

Everything but Community and Support, the TL3 area, and a few realms went {POOF} in a cloud of smoke. (Well, before this it was 500 error.)

Not seeing anything like that - mine has the usual logo.

I’m using chrome too and I see the WoW icon.

Actually, although admittedly I pick and choose threads, other than this specific thread I mostly look at Community: General Discussion, Classic Discussion, and PVP: Battlegrounds. Mostly lurk but sometimes get involved. Some threads are dumb, a few are toxic, but don’t see any that are as bad as other (non-game) venues I frequent.

UPDATE: Oh, wow. They pushed through a forum update that actually “disappears” any subforum you have muted. I spent a stupid amount of time muting every realm I don’t have characters on, and many other forums I had no interest in their (NEW) posts, and now the main Forums page does not show any of those.

:angry: That’s not why I have them MUTED. I want my NEW posts list to be manageable.

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Vrak is awesome and I love him.

That is all.



I saw the 500 error for a while earlier today when trying to go back to threads I was following. When I got back into those forum threads, they were noticeably shorter. It looks a bit like someone is shutting down and doing cleanup on forums as the posts that I see gone in the threads I was following are the ones that were obvious violations of forum rules.

They might be doing that as well, but what I’m talking about is the total list of all the forums. On my alts, like this gal, I can see the sub-groups of Guides, Gameplay, PvP, Recruitment, all the realms, and more. On Lethie I’ve lost most of that. There’s only two rows of realm forums that I cropped off. (Don’t give a flip about WrA on which I only have one alt I never play, but somehow that’s My Realm :roll_eyes:)

This is what I’m seeing:


Ok, I’ve logged out / back in and closed my browser, but the icon persists. Since it just appeared a little bit ago, perhaps it is tied to the maintenance they are doing.


I also have reading issues, apparently. Because I read it as “gonna snort hobby paints” and did a massive double take.


I love you guys. You’ve given me some really good laughs over the years. :smile:


One of these days you’re going to have to make good on those and send him flowers and chocolate.

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Dunno if it’s a bug with Blizzard site or some setting on my computer. When visiting certain sections of the Blizzard site, they are in Spanish. If there is a drop-down on the page, I’ll set it to English, but I also get emails in Spanish too, hence my confusion.

And adult beverages.


Oh I understand. I have flair ups of tendinitis in my shoulder with calcium deposits.

Its called calcific tendinitis or something like that. All I know is I was in extreme pain. It was my right shoulder, and it would bring a tear to my eyes to put my seat belt on. I could barely sleep. No matter how I laid, pressure would eventually get put on my shoulder, if by nothing else more than gravity. I was miserable for about 4 days. Should have made the Dr. give me a cortisone shot, but he wanted me to do physical therapy. Yeah they called me 2 weeks after I saw him. No thank you.

So I can most definitely relate to your pain.

My icon is the WoW symbol, like what is right next to the words ALL CATEGORIES.

I want to say it has been like that forever? But I don’t pay enough attention to say for certain lol.

Well, I tested with a completely different Battle.net account via logging into that one instead of this one. The icon still shows up, so at least it doesn’t seem to be something tied to this account.

It also only shows up on the Forum pages – going to any other WoW page on the website and I see the normal icon.

Firefox and Edge don’t seem to display icons so I cannot test in those.

Do you open those tabs separately, I wonder? Because I just noticed that myself, and it only happens when I shift-right-click to open a thread in a background tab. Opening the thread in the active tab, the WoW icon is still there.

And that’s happening on Opera.

Opening in same tab still has that icon.

Though I did just see the W icon briefly flash on a new tab, but then it went right back to that icon.