[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday


Just cold and snowy here. Although I always said “you can always put more cloths on but can only take so much off” I’m beginning to understand the “snow birds” because you don’t have to shovel the heat. [full disclosure; due to physical limitations the last few years, my wife does all the shoveling now].


OK, I’m kinda old and out of touch (an actual real boomer, not one of the genXers who keep getting the meme thrown at them) so I’ve never seen “CSI Miami” but have read, and very much enjoyed, some of the C.S. Forester novels.

(Darthwraith) #1584

Afternoon got off early did some recycling time to kick back and relax for a bit.

(Misbecky) #1585

I thought Horatio Hornblower myself.:grin:

(Ekon) #1586

Fool Us and one of the Got Talent branches.

I think he recently did something on Jimmy Fallon, too.

(Mastadôn) #1587

If I recall properly he fooled them twice. Even worse the second time around.


You’re older than me! :laughing::laughing::wink:

(Rufflebottom) #1589

It looks like they re-enabled guild finder.

(Darthwraith) #1590

Wait you mean i have to socialize OMG its the end of the world nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


A bit yes, I’m actually going to my eldest child’s fiftieth birthday celebration this weekend.


Last time it rained seriously here in Cal we had a mudslide.

(Dathrel) #1593

That’s great! It starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and airplanes, and Lenny Bruce not being scared.

Then you get the eye of the hurricane while listening to yourself churn, the world serving its own needs while you don’t misserve your own needs, and you speed it up a notch, speed, grunt, no, strength, and the ladder starts to clatter with a fear of height, down, height, wire in a fire, represent the seven games and a government for hire and a combat site.

(Long first verse, jeeze, cutting it off there)


Last time I was in California was our long (four month) drive in 2017 when everywhere we went on the west coast in Canada and America they kept burning down the place as we came through, somewhere near Seal Beach California we even received a “mandatory evacuation” notification on our phones (it was snowing ash). Then when that couldn’t stop us from following my planed route, they dropped a mountain on the road ahead of us at Mud Creek in Big Sur.

Youse guys out west just aren’t friendly like we are in New York (and you suck at making pizza) but I have to admit I still love Vancouver, Seattle, the Oregon coast, San Francisco, and of course the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, in fact so much out there, just don’t ask me about Los Angeles (although I was impressed by the Watts Towers, the Nethercutt Museum, and the La Brea Pits so I guess it’s ok all in all). But still, that pizza … .

(Regnyl) #1595

just realized it was a single fight against a Shade of Xavius, got the essence and took the portal back to Shal’aran.

guess they removed the raid part or something?

i had a grilled chicken caesar pizza the other day. it was beyond amazing. just as good as the pickle pizza i once had too.

(Ekon) #1596

The Stuff of Dreams is a requirement for Broken Isles Pathfinder (see Good Suramaritan). It can be done on LFR difficulty and just requires completion of the final wing which is only the Xavius encounter. Remember to collect the item from the purified dream before leaving the group!

I suspect you’re talking about the quest Fallen Power, which is just the beginning of the Balance of Power questline and includes multiple steps in various dungeons (mythic) and raids.

(Darthwraith) #1597

Well i just scrolled thru about 3000 posts so hopefully this time tommorow ill be tlv3

(Amaelalin) #1598

Well, I just rolled 1 three times in a row.

Clearly the laws of physics are broken and conspiring against me. ^~

(Eilethalua) #1599

Just remember that Level 3 has to be maintained. In 101 days, it will only be looking at the “last 100 days” and those will no longer count.

(Regnyl) #1600

i once rolled two 1’s back to back on the same loot table, so i know the feeling.

on a lighter note, i finally finished the Nightfallen storyline, where i don’t have to worry about feeding them ancient mana anymore. 5 more chapters till i get loremaster, then it’s just a rep grind for the factions, doing tons of world quests, class hall, broken front, and whatever else i’m forgetting.

edit: i may end up taking a break though…i’m feeling like i’m just banging my head on the wall with this pathfinder malarky. ;-;

(Rufflebottom) #1601

If you are taking a break from the rep grind, first week of December is a good time to pick it up again. DMF is back. The tophat or Whee!! buff stacks with the anniversary bonus.