[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

So, who’s going to see Cats the movie with me?


I want to have that for Christmas dinner.

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It might be a minor slot for Stam. The small circle on your heart UI

If not do. Your islands and get an easy rank 1

But, but…I like being annoying. :confused:

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Mostly to Gnomes.

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Hope you all having a great day! I’m going to the movies this Thursday night to see the new Terminator movie. Wanted to see it as it has a lot of the original actors in it like Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. :slight_smile:


Let me know. My friends that have seen it are split down the middle on it.

The NoItsNot addon will stop that notification for you.


It has settings to block the following:

  • Automatically hides the “A New PvP Talent is Available” popup by default (optional)
  • Can hide the “An Azerite power is available” popup (optional)
  • Can hide the “You have unopened items in your collection” popup (optional)

For the Azerite Power & Collections popups, you will need to set it to block those in its settings – ESC–INTERFACE–ADDONS–NOITSNOT

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So random question. In my quest to get my TL3 back I am short some read posts. That’s fine. I will get it back at some point.

I was reading an amusing thread that kind of got derailed in general earlier. Had some fun chat etc. Thread got deleted. Do I lose those 100 posts read?

Enquiring minds want to know. And by minds… I mean me

You are a bit far away… but I will absolutely be going to see it. I remember going to one of the last live performances of that a long time ago.


I wouldn’t imagine so, but that’s just speculation.

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Doesn’t have to be the moving target.

I couldn’t say with absolute certainty unless I saw your total before and after, but I doubt it. The post technically still exists, it just isn’t visible.

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NOOOO our secret technology! You’ve told them too much!

Good morning friends! I don’t have anything witty to say this morning - so… just be good to each other :heart:


Christmas pictures!



Now they are adorable as heck, aren’t they?


Umm. I think you missed morning by a few hours. I would post a witty gif here to accentuate my point but I CANT.

lol that was kinda fun though.

Yes, yes they are :stuck_out_tongue:

I made their shirts. Mine and Dauth’s as well, actually. All matchy-matchy.


I was wiping memories back to:



No. My minions have torturing to do in their spiffy new outfits.

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