[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

Was she the beat it on rocks and rub it with salt type?

Yup. Roll it in salt ,rinse, roll, repeat until the slime is gone.

I hit 110 on my Forsaken Priest with 2:45 left before maintenance shutdown. I had just enough time to port to Dalaran and get my whistle.


I haven’t played a single video game in over a week. There is something wrong with me. I’m just too tired all of the time. I didn’t even fire up a Mass Effect game on N7 Day. Curse you, shorter days! Messing with my sleep patterns every single year.

Sigh one of those mornings got up at 8 thinking i had a apt at 9 only to check to see that i missed it by a week and i dont start work till 1215 to awake to go back to bed sigh.

Gotta think of her age. She was a young child during the battle of Okinawa.

It’s funny, we took her to our favorite Japanese restaurant once and her whole demeanor changed. Kinda haughty. Until she met one of the waitresses that was from Okinawa and actually spoke the language. Now days they have to learn their native language in school. Their whole culture is disappearing.


I had a friend experience kind of the opposite.

We were at a Chinese restaurant and the waiter was talking trash about my friend in Mandoran. How do I know this? My friend, while not Chinese, grew up with an adopted family and spent a large amount of his youth in Hong Kong.

When we went to pay he said to the waiter, in perfect mandarin, I am usually a very generous tipper. But as you now know I also speak Mandaran.

My friend left with a satisfied smirk as the waiters jaw dropped.


Good morning friends! I don’t have anything witty to say this morning - so… just be good to each other :heart:



I found pictures of my dog who passed away earlier this year that I thought I had lost when I had to get a new phone. I had just downloaded them to a different folder than I remembered.


how do i stop the Heart of Azeroth from notifying me of an empty slot? it’s becoming increasingly annoying, since i don’t have anything other than what i started with, and i don’t have access to any other abilities as of yet. (haven’t fully unlocked Nazjatar, let alone Mechagon, and i don’t do PvP either)

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Fluffy bunnies and rainbows.


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You rang? :rabbit:

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You suffer like me with the constant spam.

I just finished making a crockpot of chili. I put it in the fridge to put on tomorrow morning. I am making my chicken, mushrooms over noodles today. I found some morels to add to it.

I finished food shopping. I have everything for Thanksgiving. I also have a really full fridge. I have a small fridge in the laundry room that we put beer in to save space. I had to empty it out to defrost the turkey in. It is now " garage floor beer" season.:beers:

With my foot messed up grandma is buying us a Thanksgiving dinner. Prime Rib dinner to be precise.

She gave us a choice. I can rock a turkey so will just buy one and cook another time. Hard to pass up prime rib though.


Still tryi g to figure out the foot medicine thing. Starting to anger me a little. And that is hard to do.

When I get off my son has a speech alloi tment then hkme for the evening. And try to relax a little.

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This is my last week working at home. (Chemo is done, CT scan is clear, so I’m now in the 5-year stretch of wait and see, scans every six months, before we can be pretty sure all is good.) Not looking forward to the extra 30m on either end commuting.

Also, I really need to work on getting back into decent physical shape. I’m feeling a lot better than a year ago, but compared to 5 years ago when I was lifting regularly I’m weak and easily winded.


this “An essence slot is available” that keeps popping up every few minutes, whenever i open a menu or even loot something is starting to get irritating. ._.

i don’t even know if it’s a bug, or if it’s intentional, but i’ve got one ability and it can only go into one slot. at present, there’s nothing else i can get. most of the stuff is gated behind Mythics (iLvl not high enough), EP raid (haven’t progressed that far, iLvl not high enough yet), 8.2 content (haven’t progressed that far yet) or PvP malarky.

unless someone knows some secret method to keep that notification from popping up, i’m at a loss here. ._.


I know there’s still a road ahead of ya but still, congrats!