[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

Ahh a man after my own heart! :”) Star Trek is highly overrated! And can never live up to the Star Wars franchise! Same with lord of the rings >.> runs.

Yeah after a while your face hurts and you gotta rest your face so next time you go to smile the muscles in your face don’t mess up and you give a really funny look; I’ve had it happen before it’s awkward.


i’d feel safer having a tank that doesn’t skip mobs and/or uses short cuts honestly. that’s mostly the reason i got kicked from the last group, because i couldn’t find my way to the rest of the group, got locked out of the first boss fight, and when said boss targeted me, and tried to chase me, he phased out and resetted.

got accused of “afking” the fight and was promptly kicked…later on, found out that because i was kicked during the fight, i was locked to the instance, and thus unable to queue until after reset the next day.

don’t remember the person’s name, nor the server (though i don’t think it was from Americas…might’ve been latin americas) but i reported him (not sure if that was the right thing to do though) and that was it.

for now, i’m just working on an alt on an RP server, cause quite frankly…i’m done dealing with this “Normal” server nonsense (no offense meant to present company)

edit: only downside to an RP server, is the economy can be extremely expensive sometimes. x_x


Unfortunately, there’s nothing really to report. Groups are allowed to kick for any reason or no reason at all.

Honestly, bad groups really are the rarity though. I’ve only had handful of bad groups over the years thankfully. Usually while on my Monk in healing spec which is usually helpful as they’re not as quick to boot the healer if thing go sideways and I do my best to keep everyone or at at least as many as I can alive :wink:

Considering how far you’ve come since re-subbing, you’ve done a pretty amazing job of catching up! Way better than I’d have done, that’s for sure!


i still think it’s immoral to kick for no reason, but that’s just me. .-.

i’m honestly surprised, though i did use a boost around lvl 74ish, and i’m quite tempted to race change my Human hunter, but i’d loose out on the rep bonus…only 10% but it does go a long way. (already into Revered with Proudmoore Admiralty as it is)

i feel like having flight would greatly help with world quests…so as it stands, i’m kinda on the fence about doing anymore, but my main objective (aside from unlocking flight for Legion/BfA) is to unlock Kul Tirans…then i make one, get it to lvl 110 (no boosts sadly), get the heritage gear, THEN race change a Horde hunter that’s explored Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, and fished in Orgrimmar and got the Horde cooking recipes to a Kul Tiran hunter and have at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

which may be why i’ll likely take more breaks than i’d like to.

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I definitely agree that it’s not good to kick for no reason, though I think the alternatives to the system we’ve got now are worse.

Flight would definitely help with world quests, though I’ve got to say that I really enjoy the flight whistle and flight paths around the zone. Not flying initially in Legion and Battle for Azeroth were not so onerous to me initially because I could always get a pick-me-up to the nearest flight master. That made it feel easier to get around. Still a lot to do in order to get flight, but still. I rather liked Legion’s path to flight best.

One thing that turns any dungeon from bad to great is a considerate group. I still remember my first Siege of Boralus group where we wiped at least once on each boss, learning how to do the fight, and then nailed it. Everyone had such a good attitude that it didn’t matter how long we took.


Flying for WQ is a deffinate+ not to mention going after the bee event u have to bee busy to get them.

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It’s really too bad that I neglected my Alliance toons. I used to play Alliance exclusively. Then took a long break (started a family) and when I came back, I wanted to try something different and on a Normal server instead of PVP, so I rolled a Horde mage. She was my main for a while, then I started leveling a druid and eventually a monk.

If I hadn’t and had an Alliance toon close to your level, I’d be happy to fly you around :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more Jodariel! I’ve been in groups where we wiped so many times…too many times really!! But we were a bunch of strangers having a good time anyway, so it kept the group together.


…you know, i KEEP forgetting i have that, and it bothers me to no end. ._.

though i dunno if mine was upgraded or not. i know there’s a quest that’s suppose to reward you with one, but i got mine from boosting to 110.

i’ve mained Alliance for the majority of my 10 years in WoW. though i’ve played Horde from time to time. i’m not sure if i can do the storyline for BfA on Horde side, but the mounts look quite nice. (though i can’t help but wonder if i faction changed after getting A Nation United and Tides of Vengeance if it would change to their Horde counterparts or not)

this…so. much. this.

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You completed Uniting Kul Tiras, right? That upgraded it, so it should work. :smile:

You’ll retain the benefits for flight if you faction change, but you’d need to redo the zones and war campaign Horde-side if you did.

Well that didnt take long global news reported that disney+ was hacked and peoples accounts are being sold on the black market.

that’s needed to unlock Nazjatar, correct? yeah i got that.

ah…then i should probably consider making a Horde hunter at some point, boost him to lvl 120, and just plow through the story, once i’ve unlocked flight, just to get the wolf mount for my Alliance characters.

edit: actually just realized i’ve got a Tauren Hunter on Sisters, he’s only lvl 7 but i can boost him once i get the funds set aside…it’ll give me time to unlock flight for Broken Isles and Zandalar/Kul Tiras/Mechagon/Nazjatar as well.

the other allied races i can unlock in due time, but…i’m taking this one step at a time. plus it’ll give me time to look over the other heritage gear and decide if it’s worth it or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oof about Disney+.

If there’s one thing I can recommend this expansion, it’s seeing both sides of the story. I never really tried both sides until Battle for Azeroth, and it’s been really fun seeing all the extra stories on both sides! Plus getting some neat new races on each side. :fox_face:

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I like the borg my self im sorry but its the borg.

oof ain’t the half of it. i’m not familiar with things like this, but is this the quickest a streaming service (or any online for that matter) was hacked after it was started up?

https:// www.usatoday .com/story/tech/2019/11/18/ disney-subscribers-say-accounts-were-hacked/4230599002/

Heh there a page called the richest on FB they posted a pic showing exactly this lol.

Speaking of FB, there is a underground hacker contest going on. They are trying to see how many FB Groups they can shut down by infiltration and spam in 48 hours. The Borderlands FB page got nailed and I have seen a few groups too.

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Hey, does Disney+ function with a VPN or cut speed?

i play it on my ps4 so not sure.