[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

(Belguilos) #1462

I wasn’t thinking quite that radical a departure. :rofl:

(Mastadôn) #1463

#pwned #nub #gitgud



Accidental afternoon naps are always tricky

(Regnyl) #1465

amen to that. i put my head down earlier this afternoon for about 30-45 mins…mostly cause i was feeling cold and weary. just hoping it doesn’t come back to haunt me.


I’m doing the “what year is it?” thing.

Is Vrak still president?

(Gentianna) #1467

Know what you mean. I refer to them as me being a druid with a form deficiency. Take a “cat” nap and it turns into a bear hibernation.

(Darthwraith) #1468

Vrak got dethroned by kalviery in a military coup and got regulated into becoming the presidential Vehical.


I guess that’s what you call Planet of the Apes?

sips tea

(Darthwraith) #1470

They also blew up the statue on the BE island.

(Thundertotem) #1471

I laughed at this one


Bless your heart


6 weeks left in this decade…

(Thundertotem) #1474

oh yeah (10 characters)

(Darthwraith) #1475

For the first time in forever ill seeing in 20/20.

(Aryalanthu) #1476

She has the same look on her face I have had on mine 98% of the time since I became an adult. Probably why I don’t have more IRL friends…

P.S. I’ll take a pulled pork sandwich with extra sauce, a pickle and a large Dr. Pepper.

(Regnyl) #1477

huh. i imagine that’s the look i had on my face whenever people asked me dumb questions, when i was working in retail…but i can’t help but wonder if i have that expression or something else when i’m out and about.

on a side note, i’ve made a decision to start over from scratch…mostly cause i keep getting DC’d when i play on Duskwood…don’t know why, but i’m not risking a certain “heroic” dungeon, only to be vote kicked, and have to wait till reset the next day to run it (only to be DC’d and vote kicked, AGAIN)

i may have to bribe some people to run me through that godawful instance…provided i can pry them from mythics and world quests for more than 10 mins that is. .-.

(Teufelgott) #1478

I lived in the South long enough to understand the difference between ‘BBQing’ and ‘grilling out’.

(Aryalanthu) #1479

My first job was when I was a teenager and it was as a cashier at a store kinda like the old, smaller Walmarts and during Christmas Rush. I almost never got asked questions or even talked to. A relative and family friend once came through my lane and told me I really needed to smile as I looked severe and mean. My mother called it the unamused southern woman look. It runs in her family. I seem to have it set as my default look. :laughing:


What do you need more: tank, DPS, or healer? I could see about grabbing you a group sometime.

(Darthwraith) #1481

Or as we retail people call it the resting face before we have to deal with people.