[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday


Basically, I got two games for my PS4 that I ended up not enjoying nor being engaged. I was excited about KH3 at first but realized that I never finished #2 and had doubts about #3 being better.
At that point the console was a bad investment. I gave it to a friend to get rid of it.

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I thought we were friends.

My kids, and I for that matter, want a PS4 solely for the FF7 redux in March.


She grew up speaking hogan, learned Japanese, and then English. She grew up in a small village that was named after her family. It since got assimilated to a larger town and lost it’s name.

I learned a lot from her. Like how to properly clean and cook octopus… LOL!


I’ve actually been playing my X-Box One lately. Been hitting up, and enjoying, Neverwinter nights.


She probably still dies and you still can’t use a Phoenix Down on her.

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That made me laugh more than it should have…

Especually with all the fan theories on how to prevent her death haha

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Sitting here in an office. Waiting for the phone to ring.

Ahhh light duty.

Ps. It has rang once since I was put on phone duty. That said I know it will get insane later haha

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Two calls?

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Fighting with work comp insurance now. The cream for my foot is used liberally. I mean I am pretty much a left foot of cream at this point.

They don’t want to refill it yet. Say it was a month supply. No bloody way it was.

It was like a 5 day supply.

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Sitting here trying to do my health insurance open enrollment. Get to the end, nothing left to do but digitally sign and submit… and I realize I didn’t see anything related to my vision coverage. The only benefits summary they have on the website is from last year. Now I’m sitting here waiting on a call-back from our home office where I assume they’re going to tell me they’ve dropped vision coverage.

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The company I work for has consistently, in the 20 years I’ve been here, refused to hire someone for just phone reception. In fact, I started as reception + shipping all those years ago. But it got worse, where they were hiring “entry level” and trying to get them trained on phones while dumping all the junk jobs on them. The totally incompetent people generally left out of frustration within a few weeks. Any who were even halfway competent moved on as soon as they could, usually a couple months. (I managed to segue the shipping part into working in tech support and from there moved into software testing, where I’ve become indispensable in a way phone reception never could be.

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I am on light duty.

We have somebody that gets so tired of the phones ringing she gets them quickly. Got a text asking if I was here. I was like yeah she just fast haha. She does not answer phones as her job either. Just they get ignored a lot.

Now she gives me 2-3 full rings before she grabs it. By the second fulm ring it means I am on a call haha.


Well, I made it back to work… unfortunately, my voice didn’t make it back with me. It’s still lost somewhere.

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To quote illidan YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.

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Dibs on King Triton?

Or would I be Flounder?

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Animal house Flounder?

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I’ve never actually seen Animal House.

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You seem a little crabby maybe sabastian.

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…okay, fair point.

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Fair point tho i want to point out that him the chef refer to sebastian as a crab not a lobster.