[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

(Rufflebottom) #1398

Gush, gush, gush, jump.

There is no help to be had.

(Mastadôn) #1399

I have decided I want to try to make some gold. Gonna spend some of my time farming dungeons for mogs. Now to decide what I want to do haha. And do I do the same dungeon day after day or rotate through a few?

Decisions decisions.

(Mastadôn) #1400

Doh. How do I check to see what fell short for the TL3? I just noticed it is gone and that makes me a sad orc

(Ekon) #1401

Don’t think there’s anything we can access that shows us, but maybe Kalv might chime in if he sees this. It generally falls down on the posts-to-days ratio, though.

(Belguilos) #1402

Probably read posts or something. That’s the only thing that really decays I think, so long as you’re visiting regularly.


Yep, that would do it

(Mastadôn) #1404

Oh my bad. I thought the .json showed what was short.

Thanks everyone. Time to get to reading garbage I have no interest in haha

GD HERE I COME. Where is my radiation suit?

(Belguilos) #1405

I’ve managed to keep it up just by following all the threads here. xD

(Darthwraith) #1406

Finds deadpool convinces him thats theres some little kids that need encouragement to troll some trekies more thus creating a 3rd deadpool movie about deadpool going back in time to instigate the futurama war between star wars and star trek.

(Aryalanthu) #1407

Take this. It’s dangerous to go alone. Good luck, my friend.

(Alvraen) #1408

I’ve had enough Ryukuan aunties in my life to scold me LOL


Too much to play.

Need to beat River City Girls and Luigi’s Mansion 3.
Want to try Jedi Fallen Order but I’m unsure about the mechanics.

Would like to watch Mandalorian but unsure if the sub will be worth it. Plus issues with the interface. Doesn’t let you resume where you left off supposedly. Big inconvenience for me.

Ah, 1st world problems…

/Tar Alvie

(Ekon) #1411

This alone is enough to convince me not to sub.

I try not to finish mid-episode of something to start, but part of Netflix’s greatest draw was the ability to pick up and continue.

(Aryalanthu) #1412

It resumes if you watch on a PC. Or it does for me. My big complaint is no video quality selection.

(Darthwraith) #1413

Well fallen order feels like a hack and slash with a skill tree kinda like God of war mechanics arent that hard and the difficulty is very fluid can switch back and forth no problem. As for mando get disney + its been noted that the marvel shows will tie into the future MCU.


Most of my viewing will be on Android at work. People have reported that the app doesn’t have a resume function.


That’s not good. I tried the most recent GoW and hated it. What made it worse was Sony’s no refund policy.
That was the second strike against my PS4 pro purchase. Gave the console to a friend and told Sony to ban my account.

(Darthwraith) #1418

Ive never needed anything to refund so i have no complaints with sony why i choose sony over microsoft and there lack of privacy im also a nintendo fan boy.

(Mastadôn) #1419

Man j am riding high after that SF victory.

Letting my foot get some air before I take my shower and have my wife dress it. Man it feels good unwrapped haha

(Amaelalin) #1420

Setting up my photography “studio”. It’s been a while since I’ve had that equipment out - last time it was out, it was to prepare some of the gear for sale!