[CS Lounge]: Drunk dwarves, and flailing Night Elves? Just another weekday

(Mastadôn) #1378

Hmmm just looked and Disney plus is only $6.99 a month? I don’t care about Hulu and already have ESPN.

I might just have to get it,. The only option was to start free trial. Are there any packages that make it less expensive?

(Rufflebottom) #1379

I’ll switch it back later. Her ears are there somewhere.

(Kozzae) #1380

If you have time to do the side quests, it’s one only, like cap a graveyard, a tower or bunker, a mine. You can also try killing Korrak if you have not done so, that quest alone is a good % of completion, get the recall badge so even if you have to wait a fresh av to turn in the quests you can get there faster.

On a side note, you can repeat that in merc mode.

(Belguilos) #1381

Someday, I’ll remember that caffeinated soda just puts me to sleep and not drink it thinking that it’ll wake me up. Energy drinks and coffee wake me up, but Pepsi or Mountain Dew just conk me out if I’m already tired.

…this is a problem if you’re at work. >_>

(Regnyl) #1382

lovely. got kicked from a group, because i couldn’t get to the boss. REALLY hate groups that skip 95% of ALL mobs, and expect everyone else to do the same, THEN verbally berate people for pulling adds, or for getting lost, accusing them of “afking” during boss fights and causing it to reset, because said boss targeted you outside the area. <.<

…i’m done with using group finder…i’m just…i’m done. ;-; i feel like i’m getting an anxiety attack, just from dealing with these “vowel” holes. ._.

/retires to the pillowfort

(Belguilos) #1383

I’ve had runs like that. Most people are cool, but the jerks can definitely be stressful. >_<

(Rufflebottom) #1384

Welcome back Bunny ears.

Cowl of Benevolence still a thing or was removed?
(Kyzera) #1385

Currently in a food coma … so stuffed and we haven’t even hit dessert yet.

(Belguilos) #1386

Those are the best.


Start Wars?


Who calls it that? That would be silly. Definitely not something a big fan like myself would ever do.

(Ekon) #1389

I have an utterly irrational enjoyment for the Nazjatar daily where you seal the geysers with algae. Please send help.

(Amaelalin) #1390

I need this.



Someone who watched Star Track as a kid…


My neighbor and I would spend weekend afternoons joining Star Trek chat rooms on AOL and trolling them about Star Wars. We were like 12-14 and thought we were the coolest kids on the internet for showing those trekkies what’s what.

If I could go back in time, I’d take the keyboard away. :nerd_face:

(Belguilos) #1393

It’s never too late. :rage:

(Amaelalin) #1394

nuuuu D:

I’ve been enjoying Discovery lately. It feels like I’m watching a short movie, every episode.

(Aryalanthu) #1395

Can I watch those on Netflick?

(Belguilos) #1396

I’m actually not a big fan of Disco. I loved the pilot, but overall I just can’t get into it. I’m really looking forward to Picard though.

Or Amazing Primo.

(Amaelalin) #1397

I’m looking forward to Picard, but more on the cautiously optimistic end of the scale?

I have fond memories of the man, and I’m scared they’ll ruin them. Though, I suppose he has enough weight to throw around if anything goes pear-shaped.