Crusader Strike Hitting for 7k, when tooltip says 22k

So did the 40% buff not take effect? My crusader Strike “Tooltip” is saying 10k base, 22k when I have some buffs and procs rolling… then it still just hits for either 7k or 10k… WHATS UP WITH THAT? Im full pvp gear 419ilvl and 7k Crusaders feels BAD MAN. Especially after being told its buffed…

Here is a SCREENSHOT Showing the tooltip and showing the actual damage it dealt in the combat log on a pvp target dummy in Valdrakken, there is no way this is not broken… its doing half of what the tooltip says it should be doing… LITERALLY!

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From the patch announcement these changes appeared under the PvE section and not the PvP section so the PvP modifier was not affected. (assuming)

Doesnt say (doesn’t affect pvp), its overall damage


GOTCHA SO ABSOLUTLY NO MOBILITY BUFFS IN PVP, NO REAL SURVIVABILITY (BUBBLE STILL INSTA DISPELLED W A PRIEST OF WARRIOR-This is the main problem of Paladin IMO as every other class at least keeps their defensive and its not immediately countered. ) AND WE DID NOT RECIEVE A PVP DMG BUFF. GOT IT NICE!

Just tested in a duel. Tooltip for CS was about 17k. Hit other person for about 12 k. It is physical damage so given her armor reducing physical attacks by 16 % and she had about 16% reduction from Versatility. That is what I should have been hitting her for with CS. So it seems to be working as it should.

The PVP dummy does weird things sometimes. I only hit the PVP dummy for like 7k.


I cant stand the tooltip saying 22k and it hits dummy for fuggin 7k that’s a little RIDICULOUS IMO

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The PVP dummies are bugged and don’t reflect accurate info from time to time.

when even the pvp dummies have better defensives than paladins you know its bad.


Maybe pvp dummies are still going by the 30%-40% armor reduction most people used to have. Now even plate gets only like 25% max. Unless maybe you’re a tank and get some bonus on top.

It does affect PvP lol

I am having the same issue on Blade of Justice tooltip. Testing on mobs it is doing considerably less damage than the tooltip says.

All the other abilities are matching the tooltip except Blade of Justice and Crusader Strike. Tested extensively and with multiple abilities on different types of target.

i literally said that lol

The armor value of target dummies have been off for a bit especially the raid boss ones. When testing it on mobs I’ve been hitting for a little less than the tooltip which is what should be happening.