Cross-realm Groups Can Now Queue for Arenas and Battlegrounds

Great, now put cross realm on zones/dungeons for the old world and outland.


If cross-realm arena and BGs are ok, then so are cross-realm dungeons.


yo amazing change blizzard thankyou :pray:

Hold on, I thought we needed to preserve each single servers community so much that putting in RDF would’ve crumpled the game? How many gold medal mental gymnasts are at Blizzard for this level of cognitive dissonance to be ok?


No it all makes sense as long as you don’t think about it at all.
Otherwise…Yeah something stinks…BAD

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The hypocrisy is getting so thick.


It’s terrible. Melee is now redundant.

I found the post on MMO-Champion, as a blue post hyperlink. It didn’t mention anything about the post being for classic. But yeah, i gotta keep my eyes peeled for which game the blue post is addressing next time.

This should also be implemented for Classic ERA!

The system is broken, even though I have a character on Faerlina to look for a partner, you cannot join the arena LFG channels in the group finder unless you are level 80. I am not leveling a character to 80 just to try and find someone to play with on a different server.


Interesting change, would like to see this opened up more

This is awful, BGS are terribly laggy 300ms+ and unfun to play.
I would rather wait and have no lag and play with people I recognise and build a community around rather than lagging around with random people.
Is there anyway to only play with oceanic players? I’ve seen ppl in bgs are now ignoring everyone from oceanic or us (vice/versa) in order to not get into their battle groups. Does this work?

I really think this is the happy medium. LFD for 10-70. Group finder as it stands for Northrend. I’m on a smaller server, and I am able to find dungeon and raid pugs for Northrend content pretty easily. But not for Outland and below. Those groups don’t exist.

I have an alt on a server with 10k raiders, and those lower level groups still basically don’t exist.

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I enjoyed farming you in a BG last night.

great very nice

It’s funny because the exact same problem happens for PvE.

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So I have to actually know the person first in order to queue? How does that solve anything? Sure it helps if I already have friends to play with. But what if my friends aren’t available? What if I don’t have friends interested in arena? How do I find partners? My only real option is to look for other avenues of meeting people to play with like discord channels, reddit or the forums. Literally taking extra time away from playing the game, and putting me in a situation where I have to find my group OFF the game…

People weren’t excited about x-realm arena so they could play with friends… I’m sure some were happy, but most people wanted x-realm arena because they thought they could play with anyone on any server. How can you play with people you don’t even know exist? How are you meant to find these people? Am I suppose to just make a level 1 on every server and advertise that I’m looking for team mates? Oh wait, can’t do that, any server with a viable population is locked.

Blizzard, lay off the felweed. These half baked ideas are an absolute joke.


How did you not possibly think that cross realm queues are almost useless for 99% of the player base without some LFG search system? It’s impossible to find players without the use of an LFG system unless you already know the players in different servers. Which is most likely to be the case. PLEASE ADD an LFG system similar to the retail one so EVERYONE has a chance to ACTUALLY use cross realm queues.

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unlocked now