Cross-realm Groups Can Now Queue for Arenas and Battlegrounds

With a configuration change that is now live, we’ve made it possible for cross-realm groups of players to queue together for Arenas and Battlegrounds.

For more information on how to create a cross-realm party, see our Support Article here.

Good luck out there!


Open pvp lfg to cross realm too?


Would be cool if they did


Can you make regular bg ques cross faction as well? Would get rid of any population/que imbalance, would also alleviate some of the imbalances of the battlegrounds themselves.


When will this feature be coming to PVE content?


They should leave it as is. Have people who want to fight for the other faction queue up themselves. Personally, I’d rather wait through longer queues than fight for the Alliance.

Horde all the way.


So clearly it’s not about keeping things on the same server in an effort to maintain community, so why not put in Cross-Realm dungeons?


why blizz always do things half way? milk more money

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Wow! Monday night 5s just got a whole lot spicier!

Personally, I wouldn’t be opposed to this. The PvP community is pretty small on my server, but it’s nice to get to know each other and try to encourage more people to join us by building and fostering that community (a major part of what makes Classic Classic, imo).

I imagine that Blizzard may have some data that suggests people are quitting the game or that more people would subscribe if they do this than if they don’t.

Oh dang. This is for WotLK. I thought the person I was responding to was talking about making cross faction BGs and Arena the default that would happen without even opting into cross faction PvP for Dragonflight.

The fact these changes are actually for WotLK is not a good sign. Yikes.

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Checks forum type…


Do PvE next!


exactly, alliance suck at bgs. tired of losing 80% of games.

When they first announced this, I tried it on the PTR and there was a way to avoid the restriction so you could get into the the same dungeon with a toon from another realm. Unfortunately, it’s been fixed, but the capability to do PVE instances is definitely there.


Yes but cross realm, queue from anywhere, low wait times, repeating content without lockouts, and instant teleporting to content is for PVP players.

PVE players need to have communities, guilds, and most importantly lots of waiting. If they didn’t have to do that, imagine what would happen? They could play the game they wanted to play…Whenever they wanted to!


yeah it makes 0 sense they wont do this for PVE…


So after the change my toon did not recieve arena points even tho i qued 20 games of 5s

Is there a LFG for x realm discord for arenas?


It was not a mere 2 minutes and you know that. OCE was lucky to pop at all during certain hours, and even if it did, you were put against the same handful of teams repeatedly.