Cross Faction Dungeons, Raids, and Rated PVP

No kidding. Everyone has different straws for themselves. It’s why the game doesn’t have what would likely be 25+ million subscribers if people didn’t quit the game.

I already understood this. Glad you clarified that you understood this after telling me how to play the game.


Let me put this in a way you will understand.

Just because you don’t like it personally doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t exist. It would be a facet of the game you need not interact much with, if at all. If it’s mere existence would cause you to throw in the towel, then perhaps your enjoyment of the game is far more vapid and tribal than you would rather think it is.


I think this will come in time, to be honest. But this is a huge first step and considering the coding that has to go in to untangle everything built so far? I can’t be upset if the rest takes more time.


Telling you how to play the game by saying… just don’t join a cross-faction guild, because you don’t like them?

Lol, okay.


The only thing vapid is telling people how they should enjoy the game.

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News came out today.


While I think these changes are truly interesting, me -personally-, I would rather not see cross-faction guilds. Again, that’s me personally.

But that’s not the topic today, right? After all, this is interesting. This can allow friends to level together more and hopefully build up more friendships. It’ll be unique to see how it goes!


I dunno, man. Complaining about the mere notion of people being able to play with their friends and form communities around said friendships ruining your immersion and enjoyment of the game is pretty cringe.

You do you, tho.


I was pretty clear in my statement, it would break immersion for me. I don’t have any issue with people lobbying for it. If Blizzard feels it’s what is best for the game, they’ll do it. I just don’t have to keep playing if I don’t like it. I don’t know what is so complicated about that nor understand why you feel the need to have such issue with me saying that personally that would not be for me. I’m not the developer, it’s up to Blizzard to decide if that is a feature they want to put in. If they do, then it is up to me as a customer if that is something that doesn’t fit with what I am willing to pay $15 a month. With that, I will stop arguing with a level 10 alt.

Either way, I will reiterate I am excited that people won’t feel forced into a faction to do high end content now. I know it will be beneficial for so many people. I look forward myself to having an easier time finding high level keys as I had pretty much given up early in SL of finding groups quickly to push up the ladder.

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That’s fine. Like I said, you can keep your immersion in-tact by not joining a cross-faction guild. There are a lot of guilds out there that like to be labeled as, ‘Neutral,’ and which try to bring about cross-faction RP events. Giving them the tools to make that work seems fair, and the idea of withholding those tools for any reason seems petty.

I cannot imagine how you managed to play through Legion surrounded by Horde and Alliance NPCs, or how you’re getting through Shadowlands when again, Horde and Alliance players both are surrounding you.

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I’ll bite, it’s called War Mode. It means I get to kill the Horde players surrounding me. :+1:

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Didn’t exist in Legion. That got added in BFA. Were you just not subscribed for Legion?

I played on Emerald Dream. A RP-PvP server.

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Must’ve been terrible though, sitting in an Order hall, surrounded by Horde NPCs and Players, working with them, taking quests from them. I cannot imagine how your immersion wasn’t shattered.

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I wasn’t working with Horde players. As for working with Horde NPCs, I’m a paladin, pretty much all the NPCs I had to work with were Alliance except for Liadrin, the blood elf. They used to be a part of the Alliance before they were done wrong by Lordaeron and in lore they’ve almost rejoined the Alliance a couple of times… so no, no immersion problems.

I’m not sure why you are so obsessed about my immersion and gaming decisions. I stated I didn’t agree with what you wanted but for some reason you feel like you have to prove something that I don’t think many people reading this will give two dangs about.

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Not so much obsessed as pointing out how many times we’ve worked for/with the other faction as is. Blizzard pretty much pushes it every expansion. The idea of players being able to make cross-faction guilds just seems like such a ludicrous hill to die on.

“Sure, they can play together, and group together, and the story can have us teaming up and working together, but joining the same guild?!”

I’ll be honest, this is fantastic news and a win for RP’ers and Alliance content runners. And for me, this will allow Hearthstone Tribe to FINALLY be able to have non-Horde Tribal members in its ranks, something we’ve always sought out after on an IC and RP level.


Pretty safe to say obsession at this point. If you were to quit the game because they don’t allow cross faction guilds or whatever content decision that you didn’t like and pushed you away from the game, I’m not going to care nor have issue with you making that decision. It’s capitalism, you as a customer are free to make decisions for whatever reason you want. If someone quits the game because of something they don’t like, you shouldn’t care. It’s just weird. With that, I’m not going to respond anymore.

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You’re implying I do care. All I pointed out was the obvious choice that you didn’t have to join a cross-faction guild, and your immersion would not be ruined.

Have a good one.

Argents everywhere right now: