Cross faction communication

That only applies to PvP servers in Classic.


Only on PVP servers.


Ahh… there we go. I knew there was something about it. Thanks guys.

Just for clarification…

In classic, as in retail, you can have both alliance and horde characters on the same wow license but on classic Pvp servers, you can only have one faction or the other.
You can play classic on two (or more) Pvp servers with differnt factions on each server.


Maybe that isn’t a PVP server. On a PVP server you can’t create opposing faction characters on the same server. You actually get an error message when you try.

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The OP however stated they have two accounts. So this allows them to have a horse and alliance toon on same server at same time.

And this is where they were looking for clarification.

Unless I am wrong that is.

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Just to speak on this a little. Obviously with the advent of Chat and Communities that it is possible to speak to folks regardless of what faction their current character is. That mostly is perfectly fine. Where there would be concern is the following:

  • Using a method to speak directly to the opposite faction that is not otherwise supported in-game.

For example, there have historically been certain characters that you can type that will translate for the opposite faction to be understood by them. The action itself may not be considered a violation of policy but some translations may be considered inappropriate and/or spam.

  • Collusion in win-trading.

The restriction itself is built into the game by preventing you from having the both factions on the same realm, assuming it is a PvP realm. That is how it was in Vanilla, so that is how it is for Classic. There are currently no restrictions about having two different WoW licenses with different factions on each for WoW Classic.

Assuming you are otherwise not colluding or win-trading or violating some other policy, there shouldn’t be an issue.


Thanks a lot for creating some insight into the topic. My Alliance account is not used for colluding or win-trading. I occasionally will buy something that is unattainable or rare on the Horde side and move it across using the neutral AH eg. a recipe or schematic.

For clarity, I currently have a 1 level 1 alliance character on another account in Redridge which I guess you could call a “spy”. I have a level 19 horde character currently doing PVP there. I don’t talk to the Alliance players but now and then they realise the purpose of the spy and start flaming me, claiming they will report me and sometimes I will land up responding (I’m thinking I will just ignore them from now on). I’m not sure what the offense would exactly be but before it does escalate do you foresee that as an issue?

Regarding translations that’s not really what I was talking about but I do have a translation that converts from Orcish to human that says “Kil Dogg”. Is that considered report-able?

If any of these things are going to cause an issue I’m just going to close the account. Unfortunately 1 less sub for Blizzard but at least my other account is safe.

I don’t think Vrak is going to be able to say anything beyond what he already provided.

People can report you until you’re blue in the face and as long as you’re not breaking any rules (colluding or win-trading or violating some other policy), you won’t even be contacted by a GM. They’d simply look at what’s happening and if they don’t see anything wrong, they simply let the matter go.


“Spying” in this manner may fall under the “dishonorable but legitimate” category of PvP combat. Personally, I don’t see it as dishonorable, but some people might.

This is absolutely your best course of action.

I would highly advise against it. It may not be profane, but it could get you into trouble.


Cool thanks for input.

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There absolutely needs to be rules against this. People are doing this to better time raids on cities and to track player locations to kill them. This is an advantage the vast majority of people do not have and can only be obtained by paying extra. Most of the time it’s also being done to grief players. This is taking it from casual in world PvP experiences and turning it into something more, something worse.

If you wish to provide such feedback you’ll want to do so in the Classic General Discussion.


Discord and Blizzard Voice Chat is free.

“Griefing” is not against the rules.

Lots of players want it to be more than “casual”. Not everyone plays the game in a “casual” manner.

All that being said, your feedback should go to the Classic forums, so the developers can hear your thoughts. But my advice is give a better reason why you think it should be changed. How do you think it should work, and why…is what they are looking for.


That was the point I was bringing up. But the moderator did not mention spying as one of the inappropriate uses of a opposite faction character. It does seem an advantage for someone who can afford two separate licenses. But I wonder… if the only purpose of the opposite factionn character is to spy, couldn’t it be a low level rogue on a “starter” account. Do those even exist in Classic?

No, because Classic need the retail account to have active game time to be accessed. If no game time on retail, you can’t access classic at all.


So you would have to fund two licenses to pull it off.

yup (10 characters)

This player does

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Yes. I meant that a player would have to fund two licenses, not referring to that player specifically. Sorry if that was misleading. My point was to explore the point that Turdburglar made about this potentially giving an edge to some players who could afford multiple licenses.