Critical Resolve 2/11M recruiting DPS

Critical Resolve is a Mythic Raiding Guild on Area 52 .
We are a adult group of raiders that is comprised of a core mythic raid team as well as several non-raiders that push keys and do other content. We are active guild with a healthy community.

Players of all skill level are welcome to join the guild at anytime! We are open to all M+, PvPers and socials. Most of our guildies are active during the evenings.

If you are interested in joining the mythic raid team please read the information below.


We are looking for exceptional raiders to help reach our ultimate goal of Cutting Edge in 9.2.

We raid Tues/Thurs 9:00PM-12:00AM Eastern, M+ Keys on groups on most weekends and off raid nights

  • Current Needs as of 05/24/2022
    • Ranged DPS - Pref Mage or Boomie but open to any class.
    • Melee DPS - Pref WW but open to any class.
    • Healer - Recommend to have dps alt or DPS off-spec for progression as not all fights require the same amount of healers but this is not required.

*All exceptional raiders will be considered

  • Attendance
    • We understand that emergencies, work, school, and family events will happen, however, all raiders must provide advanced notice of absence in the dedicated Discord channel.
    • Excessive tardiness/absenteeism will not be tolerated.
      • Heroic and alt clears are optional.
  • Discord Etiquette
    • Discord is required for raiding
      • While in raid we do require push-to-talk, exceptions are those assigned for call outs.
    • Please respect designated voice channels and be mindful of others and their playing experience when joining voice.
  • Raid Preparedness
    • Raiders are to research each fight and boss mechanics ahead of the raid.
    • Arrive to raid with a full nights’ worth of consumables (potions, food, tomes, etc) as well
      as being fully enchanted and all sockets have gems.
    • Raiders who are sitting a fight are still expected to be in Discord channel fully listening to the raid and watching a live stream of the progression (if available), as raiders can be asked to join the raid at any time.
  • Required Addons
    -DBM/Big Wigs
    -Method Raid Tools (MRT)

Recruiting: Bnet: viridian#1321 Discord: gr33nTopaz#8810

We are currently recruiting for DPS and Healers for our mythic raid team. There is no availability for tanks at this time. We welcome new and returning players to trial for the team.