Crit is still bugged on prot paladin!

blizzard find the bug and solve it please. I hate not critting for a whole avenging wrath and seraphim, like its 28% bonus crit, if I dont have a single crit whats the point of giving such a buff ???

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I crit while in prot?

Can you post your damage breakdowns? I don’t believe it


Look at rextroys video for the proof, 5 bugs in wow, he showcased the bug we all experience as venthyr prot paladins. If you dont youre either doing the wrong rotation or not playing the right way.

I’ve never experienced that issue, nor has Ripskidz.
When you say it’s an issue we all experience, you should probably be able to back that up with damage breakdowns.

Blaming other people who are actually critting and saying they’re “doing the wrong rotation”… if it’s not working for you, maybe whatever you’re doing is wrong?

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i cant even find this video of rextroy talking about a prot pally crit bug

Look up rextroy on YouTube and watch his videos stop commenting on things you don’t know, and who is skipz ??? Prob some random pve prot.

At 10:12

sorry if your having trouble with critting but i find it funny that you consider dropping ashen hallow and pushing hammer of wrath to be a rotation

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With 28%crit for 15s there’s about a 5% chance of getting no crits.

Watch the video baka

i did watch the video he literally hits wings throws down ashen hits hammer of wrath. super hard rotation

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That’s not hard, but it causes hammers to never crit and everyone has to do the rotation that way to normally optimize dmg.

it still basically one shots people idk i think maybe its intentional

No since it works if you change the sequence around and one shot that way, its just annoying to sometime do it this way by pure logic and get 0 crit from it.

“stop commenting on things you don’t know”
I also play paladin, and have had no issues with crits in prot, ret, or holy.

You dont play our build, theres a specific build with venthyr prot paladin which if you read the post and watched the video would notice and try for yourself only to realize it doesn’t let you crit