Crippling "Choosing Your Covenant" Bug with Character Copy: Cause Unknown

Once I leveled to 60, finished the questing experience, and I finally got the quest to choose a covenant, I started encountering some unexpected behavior.

First, while previewing all of the covenants, all the representatives were displaying text as if I had already “betrayed” them (joined and left their covenant) despite the fact that this character had just been manually leveled from 50 to 60.

Still, the quest let me progress and select a covenant, so I choose Night Fae and the Night Fae Campaign seemed to continue as normal.

Second, once got the quest to escort Lady Moonberry into the Heart of the Forest, my character keeps getting ported out of the covenant order hall since the game doesn’t recognize me as part of the covenant for some reason, despite the fact that I have the questline.

If anyone knows how to fix this I’d appreciate it. I spent time leveling to test things that are only available to level 60 characters and this bug prevents me from testing any of it.


I chose my covenant today and the only issue I ran into was the Night Fae representative wouldn’t show me the armor preview, which is okay because Soul Rot is terrible.

Right there with you. Would love to test this covenant out at level 60 but I keep getting teleported out as well.

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Have this issue as well, including NPCs treating me as if I had betrayed them. Others with this issue noticed they do not have the “Welcome to Ardenweld” achievement so check if you have the same issue. No solution has been found, I watched Preach (youtuber) with the same issue yesterday.

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I am also missing that achievement, if you were curious, Phryne.


Something similar. I chose Night Fae on a second (level 50) character after completing the storyline and I was not given the Covenant Abilities. They’re not on my bars or in my spell book. I started questing in Bastion thinking I would get them when I hit the quest where you get your first ability. Nothing appeared after that quest too.

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