For those that didn’t trip over luck and just found this guy up, how long did it take you to get it to spawn?

Been killing critters for over an hour.

Well gee thanks, NOW I’m aware of it :slight_smile:

A hunting we will go. GL.


You may be up against lot of competition.

I worked on it for over half hour, like you killing critters and hoping the pet version would spawn. Finally got a buddy on a low population Brazilian server to invite me and found the pet right away.

Other technique is to park an alt where a rare and popular pets is and log them on right at daily reset time.

I tried to get the Critterspine in the hole in Azure Span and, for my worgen druid, found it impossible. Much easier to find, but couldn’t get down into the hole and could not get it to come out and fight. Apparently other folks are having more success with that one.

It took me a while. I ended up switching back and forth between the Thaldrax spot and the Azure Span spot, just to avoid grind frustration.

Note that - and I’m not sure if this is a recent change but I’m sure it didn’t used to work this way - you want to kill battleable critters of the sort you don’t want, but leave the non-battleable versions of the ones you do want alone. It seems like the non-battle ones “turn into” battle ones if the game needs to spawn a battle pet in the area.

It used to be you kill everything, but I have had more success this expac killing only battle pets I didn’t want.

I don’t think so. I’m at the Azure Span spawn and there’s nobody here. From what I’m reading on Wowhead, he spawns in the two holes under the log.

Hmm the comments on Wowhead said he spawns in the hole so wouldn’t you have to kill them to get a pet instead of the critter in the hole? I haven’t read anything about them spawning outside the holes.

It was the Thaldraszus location where I used the server hopping technique.

Experience with the Azure Span version was frustrating. Found the pet in one of the two holes under the log, got attacked by couple of nearby mobs and foolishly used an AoE attack that killed the pet too. But it respawned in a couple minutes. Then 20 or 30 minutes with no luck trying to get it to come out to battle it. Trying to tag it in the hole got repeated “no path available” errors.

Seems like there a workaround for this but I sure couldn’t figure it out.

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I just flew over to the Thaldraszus location and there was one up. Should have checked both spots in the first place :woman_facepalming:

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I ended up getting mine from the spot under the log kept killing critters to force a pet battle spawn…it was a royal pita for sure …

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After camping for approx 4 hours between last night and resets this morning at the spot in Azure Span, I gave up killing the critters and went off to do daily chores.

12.40pm today I decided, let’s just go look in Thaldrazsus, at Tyrhold Reservoir /way 50.71, 64.26 … got 2 instantly, 2 just roaming around that area, both grey quality but I have stones.

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The Interact with Target hotkey is very helpful for this.


I spent about 2 hours farming it before having to give up for the night. The next morning I logged in before work and there it was, snoozin’ away in its little hole!


It’s possible that time may not be the only factor here as other wild pets in the area could theoretically count towards a cap for that region causing them to forever respawn as critters. Might help to go clear some miscellaneous pets in between spawns.