Crests -> Flighstones

It would be nice if the ability to swap crests for flighstones was added to be able to quickly buy token items on the alt, while the main has very many useless crests

10x Whelipng Crest → 25x Flightstones
10x Drake’s Crests → 35x Flightstones
10x Wyrm’s Crest → 45x Flightsones
10x Aspect’s Crests → 60x Flightstones


I have over two hundred fifty Dreaming Aspect’s Crests and at maximum capacity (two thousand) Flightstones and nothing to spend either on; why would I want more?

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You can spend Flighstones on item tokens for your alts

Flightstones need to drop more. I have plenty of crests, but zero stones.


For season 4 they should let us buy low level crests and flight stones for the expansion resource stuff. I genuinely forget what it’s called because it is currently worthless.

Expedition supplies?


You can get flightstones pretty easy, just do all the weeklys, thats about 500+ flightstones

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And thats only 1 random item token for alt xD great
When PvP players have higher base ilvl of tokens (and maximum ilvl in pvp situation), PvE players again have to farm 10000000000 bosses, dungeons, quests etc. for few RANDOM tokens with items.
If this is catchup make it easier. Much easier than now. Simillar to PvP

Yes, the scuffed Valour system that is Crests+Flightstones leaves a lot to be desired.
A perfect allegory for DF as a whole.


Get rid of all this upgrade crap imo


I don’t mind the upgrade system. But there’s really no need for 5 different currencies to make it work. A great game designer could make it work with only one.

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i also have about 250 aspect crests on my main BUT i would very much like the flightstones to buy tuskar rep lol

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I wonder if we’ll see any changes before the S4

Why does my gear have 8 upgrade levels? Thats the real question.

Flightstones are easy to get, do quests.
The problem is they aren’t fun to get : /

Also don’t waste flightstones upgrading explorer and adventurer gear. It’s just a waste.

I think upgrading gear should only require crests. Flightstones should not be needed at all.

what if you have the max #